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Outer Time

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Outer Time by Yassica Melissa Ferrer, acrylic and 23ct gold leaf on canvas, 60 x 60cm


Outer Time represents a broader field of awareness, a space where every possibility already exists. As time flows, our mythos change. We are invited to observe how we express our soul essence and choose our authentic expression - our innermost joy.

The Vision

The initial vision for this painting took place on November 24, 2021. In my mind's eye, I saw water flowing from above (in abundance), enveloping my client, Emily, and forming the shape of an hourglass where the narrow part was around the area of her neck. The water had a feminine quality to it; it felt nurturing and balanced her energy field. At the same time, she was held in this beautiful watery healing energy like a protective container.

A few months later, on June 5, 2022, I felt a strong inner nudge to translate this healing energy as an image onto a canvas. I received the insight to place a geometric twelve-fold rosette in the neck of the hourglass that regulates the passing of the gold nectar. I reached out to Emily to tell her what was happening and that I had already started painting the rosette.

I asked her if she had been feeling anything in particular related to her throat or expression, as it related to the Soul Plan session a few months earlier. She said that she had lost her voice for a few days. She had also been struggling with procrastination at work.

I finished the painting on August 10, 2022, a 9-month healing journey and energy transmission from vision to completion. It was a creative process that translated healing energy as an image onto a canvas.

When I shared the completed painting with Emily, she said, "it produced a very strong healing energy and radiated at me! I was smiling a mile wide and just nodding! I felt it very much in the mouth, throat, jaw and neck. Your timing is great because I ramped up my work in late July, and speaking up is also coming up for me. It is absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking! I LOVE it! I am so honoured to be part of it".

When I started painting, I felt sensations in my thoat as well and I also started craving a swim in the ocean. When you look at this image, what are your first impressions? Do you feel it? Where in your body do you feel it?



Rosettes are generally a symbol for the sun, or more precisely for its cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, depicting passages from one state of existence into another.


The element of water gives us the space, time, and memories to heal and manifest.


Gold can be reshaped into endless forms without fracturing. Its great strength, and brilliant colour, make it a powerful symbol of our highest nature and true inner self.


Play with time because time is on your side. When we trust in the timing without knowing how things will unfold, we invite time to be a more joyful aspect of our lives.

Throat Chakra

In the ancient yogic tradition, the throat chakra is the last place where we experience duality as we move up the energetic centres. In this painting, there is a lot of symbolism around duality. We can take the example of Heaven and Earth as spaces, not locations. They meet in our throat chakra, represented in this painting as the Rosette, where the transformation occurs.

Space is within you.

How do you want to express your soul essence?

Here, I share a very short video presentation published on my YouTube channel.

About the Title

The title Outer Time was inspired by the work of Murry Hope and the beings she channelled. I came across her books after my first hypnosis regression in June 2017. In that session, a group of beings who called themselves 'the lion people' appeared and guided me. Although the session was a past life regression, they appeared when I was in a life-between-life state. At the time, I had never heard of them, so I researched them and found the work of Murry Hope.

It was at the College of Psychic Studies' library that I found her books and learned more about her. I was surprised to find she had written a book, The Lion People, published in 1988. While these beings are connected to the Sirius star system, my personal experience relates to these beings beyond this 'time-space system'. I thought a lot about them, my personal experiences, and this book while painting, which is how the title 'Outer Time' came to be.

I share an excerpt from the book below:

“In order to progress to the next stage of development, both scientifically and spiritually, the peoples of Earth need to project their minds beyond the confines of their own planet so that, in viewing it from afar they can gain a clearer perspective. To achieve this new outlook they much negotiate time in order to observe how evolutionary patterns are formed over immense periods of Inner Time to produce instant results in Outer Time.
But is this really as complex as it sounds? Not at all. It is simply a question of programming the human brain to compute the fact that differing time-zones can exist side by side or one within another, as may be observed in dreams which frequently involve intertime-zone experiences.
You have a saying, “God is everywhere.” You could substitute the word ‘time' for ‘god' because there is a point in Outer Time that embraces all time, but with due respect to your theologies, it does not consist of a single, throned deity. Rather it is a complexity of intelligences or essences bound into one harmonious thought. Some of your theologies teach that you are all gods in the making; in a sense, this is nearer to the actual truth.
Although I am from your future, I do not yet know the whole truth, however, nor does anyone from my time-zone, nor anyone on your planet at present. My Teacher knows more than I, and it is from him that I have learned about those time-zones that I have not as yet experienced. There have been those who have incarnated on your planet from the future whom your people have sometimes hailed as masters, teachers or saints. Sadly, you often destroy their bodies because the message they give disturbs the comfort of your conditioned thinking patterns. But their essences continue forever, and a time will come, perhaps years ahead in your Inner Time (but ‘now’ in Outer Time), when your errors will become apparent, and you will adjust your ethics to accommodate the virtues of tolerance and understanding. Sadly, however, many who are incarnate on your planet have become locked in restricted time circuits and cannot see any further than that which is relative to their immediate well being, family structure, personal gratification or physical satisfaction. But as more amongst you become aware of the existence of the timeless state, the doors of knowledge will start to open for you, and your perspective will slowly broaden.”
- Hope, Murry, The Lion People, (Thoth Publications, 1988).

All that exists that has not been learned yet is waiting to be remembered and uniquely expressed by you.

Thank you for your time.

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