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Yassica Soul Integration (YaSI) Art

Soul Integration Art Commission


When you commission a painting from me, you embark on an inner journey. 


We start the journey with a soul plan reading session. I will ask you for your birth name (as written on your birth certificate) to create your chart. During the session, we will briefly discuss it. During the grace clearing, I will read your Soul Record Hologram (akashic records). Each session is intuitively guided, and I may incorporate other Soul Plan modalities as taught by the Holistic Healing College. 


The information I receive during the Soul Record Hologram reading forms the basis of the painting. From then onwards, I follow the guidance I receive intuitively from the ethereal realms. More information, messages, and visions will come through, and I'll keep you informed along the way. You may notice shifts (healings and activations) in your energetic field, additional insights, awareness, and synchronicities unfolding. 


A painting usually emerges within six months from the initial session. However, flexibility is fundamental as the timing of the artwork may reveal relevance to a collective theme happening at the time, it may align with specific astrological movements, or there may be other reasons that will be evident at the time.


Your energetic contribution and healing are a magnificent part of the greater whole and are, therefore, a gift to humanity. By commissioning a painting from me, you agree I can share it publicly. You will receive the original artwork after it has been photographed. The information channelled for this purpose, the healing journey and insights, is a co-creative process and energy transmission for others to learn from and receive for their unique healing and inner journey. 

I understand this is not your typical commission, so please reach out to discuss. As a guide, an original painting can range from £330.00 to £660.00 (~USD $400 - $800), which is discussed and agreed to beforehand

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