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Soul Integration Art 

"The Venusian Doorway"

"This work is the result of a soul plan healing that Yassica created from my numerology and represents the archetype of cyclic renewal between death and rebirth. Her readings are incredibly insightful using sacred geometry representing the secret form of the Divine. Her images represent thought symbolised in form and her work is out of this world."

“She uses art as a medium of representative archetype beyond form. Her art is precise and geometrical and her images are often reminiscent of impossible structures: sacred geometry and the secret form of the divine. But they are as much decorative as investigative into the nature of reality.”

- Heather Montgomery

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Sumbit a Testimonial

We all see, feel, and receive energy (information) differently. Your experience and your insights are invaluable and truly magnificent. The process of bringing the unconscious (unseen) information into conscious awareness will ripple out to others and have a greater purpose for the collective to self-reflect and experience. 

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