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Soul Plan Reading


The report and session have been so very helpful, it was so much more in-depth and comprehensive than I had imagined, and the extra clearing work you did for me really did the trick! I have managed to resolve the situation I was in a quandary about, thanks to your help! I really felt such a shift and a deep soul connection with you. It was quite moving.

Penelope Ewert

Master Practitioner

Soul Hampshire

October 2022

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We all see, feel, and receive energy (information) differently. Your experience and your insights are invaluable and truly magnificent. The process of bringing the unconscious (unseen) information into conscious awareness will ripple out to others and have a greater purpose for the collective to self-reflect and experience. 

If you would like to share how a painting or a session has helped you, I would love to hear from you! Please let me know if you would like your submission to stay private or if you would like it to be published on my testimonials page. 

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