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Soul Transformation Therapy (STT)

Soul Transformation Therapy (STT) is a new and complete therapy system that uses a Soul Archetype Tarot Deck to get to an issue's deeper underlying root cause.  This system builds on and works with the energies of Soul Plan and will go deeper to resolve the underlying concern.

​​Many issues may lie in the unconscious soul levels, so this therapy will go beyond the conventional therapeutic route and look at the spiritual, emotional, body memory, and ancestral lineages to address the core origin. We are influenced by archetypes and polarities that can take up much space in our inner world and then manifest into circumstances in the physical world.

​​Soul Transformation Therapy helps bring unconscious sub-selves to conscious awareness to heal and align your full potential. It can also be used for spiritual growth and personal development even when there are no apparent symptoms or issues.

STT session is typically held after a Soul Plan Reading, or I will at times include it as part of a Soul Plan Reading session. Please book a free 30-minute consultation session to discuss options and what may be best for you. 


The following story in my blog Brendan Luz Smith: healing unresolved grief triggered by cat allergies, is an example where STT is used to shift an underlying issue triggering cat allergies. 

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