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Journey. Connect. Integrate


As a creative artist and soul translator, I help individuals understand and interpret the deeper aspects of themselves, their purpose, and their journey.

I help individuals bridge the gap between their inner essence (soul) and their external experiences. I help translate the subtle, often intangible aspects of a soul's journey into more tangible, relatable concepts that can be understood and integrated into their lives.

Essentially, I help individuals unlock the wisdom, insights, and guidance within their soul, facilitating personal growth, transformation, and alignment with their soul purpose.

Related education and training I have done over the years that support my services:

Holistic Healing College, London, UK 

Dip. Spiritual Counselling

Dip. Hypnotherapy

Dip. Integrative Psychotherapy

Cert. Soul Plan Reading Practitioner

Cert. Advanced Soul Plan Reading

Cert. Soul Transformation Therapy (Levels 1 & 2) 

Cert. Spiritual Life Coaching

College of Psychic Studies, London, UK

Mediumship course with Gordon Smith

Academy of Inner Science, Online

Cert. Principle of Collective Trauma Healing

I am an active member of The CMA

(The Complimentary Medical Association)

CMA registered member logo.jpg

Soul Plan Message

Infinite worlds and infinite vibrations. Anything in thought can appear on some level. Yet all that is perceived is only a part of that which perceives.

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