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Yassica Soul Integration (YaSI) Art

YaSI Art is the medium through which the soul's journey is seen and felt.

The process of drawing and painting is intuitive, depicting the unfolding of the unseen or unconscious aspects of the Self that are ready to be seen, felt, and embodied. The images reflect the inner journey of exploration and discovery that also coincides with the ebb and flow of the collective energy field. The paintings provide clues into the subconscious and reveal deeper aspects of the Self. Each painting can be used for self-reflection, meditation, and inspiration; and may invoke an impression, a feeling, an emotion, or an action unique for everyone.


Yassica Soul Integration (YaSI) Art


“She uses art as a medium of representative archetype beyond form. Her art is precise and geometrical and her images are often reminiscent of impossible structures: sacred geometry and the secret form of the divine. But they are as much decorative as investigative into the nature of reality.” 

Heather Montgomery, Astrologer

Black Cygnet Wellness

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