Integridad Interior

La integridad y autenticidad es un proceso interno de alineación, donde la única verdad que vale la pena medir es la que está dentro de ti.

Inner Integrity

Integrity and authenticity is an inner process of alignment, where the only ‘truth’ worth measuring is the one within yourself.

Irradiar Trece

Irradiar trece representa la aparición de una nueva vida a partir de la muerte

An Expansion of Consciousness

The Womb of Creation and The Womb Stargate capture the alchemical journey of creation that brings forth in an expansion of consciousness.

El Futuro Antiguo

El Futuro Antiguo representa los ciclos internos y externos de infinitas energias creativas.

La Puerta De Venus

La Puerta de Venus es una puerta de entrada que representa los ciclos infinitos de muerte y renacimiento.


Initiation invites us to dive into the waters of creation where we dream our world into being, and where we are held in love ready to emerge

The Alignment

This image is about being fully present and grounded. It reminds us of our true essence and natural state of being.

Maria’s Eyes of Love

This is the story of Maria, a highly sensitive and empathic 7-year-old girl who wanted a copy of the painting 'The Eyes of Love.'