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Brendan Luz Smith: healing unresolved grief triggered by cat allergies

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

My husband mentioned on a few occasions that he was allergic to cats, but it was not something I had seen him experience. We had not been around cats, but when we spoke of them, I had noticed he would react with dislike. On the other hand, I love cats, and as a child, I grew up with a few cats in our home, so I was pretty fond of them.

In early 2018 I had been thinking about getting a cat. I got really excited when a friend asked if I wanted one after her cat had just given birth to eight kittens. She lived up North, about 4 hours away by car, so she sent me a video of their birth and a few other videos of them playing. I was instantly drawn to one of them. There was a sense of recognition, and I even got a little emotional like if I knew him, perhaps I recognized his soul energy.

While discussing the possibility of getting a kitten, my husband was very apprehensive; however, I had a feeling his allergy would not be a problem or that he would not be allergic. Despite his apprehension, I went ahead and got the cat anyway. I know this sounds awful, but please bear with me. Writing about this aspect of the story was not easy; however, it is important to share in retrospect because intuition can easily be dismissed, doubted, and perceived erroneously.

On June 4, 2018, I drove up North to pick up Brendan and returned the same day. Sure enough, my husband's allergies started to act up. After a few days, he got progressively worse, and I began to feel really awful for bringing Brendan to our home. By the end of the week, my husband wanted to visit the doctor to prescribe something to help alleviate his allergies or take antihistamines. I did not want him to rely on a drug to relieve his allergies.

Finding The Root Cause

I believe that physical ailments, diseases, and illnesses are a manifestation of a deeper emotional, metaphysical or psychosomatic issue. Many conditions can be activated by circumstances in our present life, ancestry, womb, birth, childhood, or adult life. Therefore, I began to investigate the underlying reason my husband was suffering from cat allergies other than the conventional explanation.

According to the WebMD, cat allergies are due to proteins in the cat's saliva, urine, and dander (dried flakes of skin). They also say that people with allergies have oversensitive immune systems. I understand this may be the case on a surface level, but what may have caused the oversensitivity? If we dig deeper, we may find that oversensitivity of the immune system could emanate from trust and safety issues.

Our skin is the first point of contact with the external world, and therefore if an event in our outer world challenges our sense of safety, trust, or belonging, we may see these expressed as skin conditions. We could improve and heal the condition if we can get to the root or even a layer of that root cause.

There can be many layers to emotional trauma stored in our bodies. Some of these emotions are kept hidden in our subconscious mind, and there are others that we are consciously aware of: however, we may not fully understand or correlate the impact it may have on our health. Our subconscious mind is really our whole multidimensional body - a holistic system of interconnected organisms, energy bodies, and spaces interacting in the seen and unseen realms of our universe.

Most of us have grown up not knowing how to listen, talk, and communicate with our body; so that we can look deeper within ourselves for the answers. It can be challenging for us to believe, understand, or even begin to process the fact that our ailments come from within ourselves. We usually blame something external for causing the ailment when, in fact, the issue may be reflecting something internal. In the case of allergies, we would normally blame the pollen, the animal, or even the food, but these things are triggers that give us clues that something internal may not be flowing in harmony with our essence.

When I first decided to look up the spiritual and metaphysical meaning of cat allergies, I read that cats were associated with the feminine – the nurturing, receptive, and loving part of our nature. When I read this, I immediately made the connection that my husband's reaction may be related to his mother's death, who had passed away many years ago when he was just 16 years old.

Holistic Therapies and Energy Healing

When we brought Brendan home, I had recently trained in Soul Transformation Therapy (STT) at the Holistic Healing College in London, so I asked my husband if he would try a session to see what we could find out and to heal or alleviate his allergies potentially. STT uses a Soul Plan Archetype Tarot Deck that first looks at the polarity that governs the issue and then determines the separation pattern that needs healing—in other words, finding the energetic fragmentation or the trauma that may cause one's immunity to weaken. Once the pattern is identified, one or more recommended energy healing interventions are applied to help clear whatever is needed at that time.

My husband pulled a series of cards that identified the separation pattern as unresolved grief. What I intuitively understood from my research was revealed in the cards he picked through this healing system. While grief is a natural response to loss, there are emotions such as anger or guilt that, if not dealt with, can disrupt your physical health over time, making it difficult to sleep, eat, or even think straight.

According to Soul Transformation Therapy, two healing interventions for unresolved grief were recommended: Soul Retrieval and Soul Plan Trauma Release. I broadly explain these healing interventions below:

Soul Retrieval

In Soul Transformation Therapy, Soul Retrieval is a guided visual meditation into the past, referred to as the underworld or the world of the ancestors. A trained practitioner in counseling, therapy, and intuitive skills guides and holds an energetic space for the client. The experience is extraordinary and unique to each individual. We all have innate gifts that support the experience of an inner journey. Some of them are clear vision (clairvoyant), clear knowing (claircognizant), clear sensing (clairsentient), or clear hearing (clairaudient).

When we suffer from trauma, we can lose an aspect of ourselves in that situation or event. Our soul can fragment, meaning that a part of ourselves (in energy form) is "left behind" or “frozen” in time. The fragmentation process can weaken our energetic field or immune system, creating sensitivities that can worsen with time if not dealt with, or it can manifest in other areas of our lives.

When our energetic field is weakened due to a traumatic event, we are more susceptible to attracting unwanted ailments or energies. When guided on a Soul Retrieval, we recover our "fragmented" aspect. We heal by observing, transforming, and integrating what comes up for us in the process. As a result, our energetic field and immunity feel stronger. When our immune system strengthens, so do our boundaries; we can find ourselves emotionally more resilient. We can see this unfolding in various aspects of our lives as things start to flow with more ease.

Soul Plan Trauma Release

Some energies can get stuck within our energy field, blocking our creative, energetic flow. Our inquisitive nature and movement can be stifled and therefore may not be flowing in unison with our essence. Energies related to trauma could be thought-forms, such as limiting beliefs, negative cultural patterning, imprints, or anything that limits our fullest expression of ourselves. These traumas can reside in specific organs in our bodies as well. An intuitive practitioner can sense where the energy or trauma resides in the body and help it shift.

There are many tools to understand or come to know and discover our unique expression. One of these tools is Soul Plan. As a practitioner, I trained to read Soul Plan charts derived from the sound vibration of your birth name. It is an ancient healing modality that reveals the challenges, talents, and goals that we have come to experience in this lifetime - both in the worldly and spiritual aspects of our life.

Studies in Soul Plan are the prerequisite to training in Soul Transformation Therapy. Therefore, I correlated the polarity of life and death challenges with my husband’s chart. With soul plan trauma release, the practitioner can sense where the energy resides in the body and go through the motions of shifting and releasing it to allow a healthier flow of energy around the body. When complete, a person may feel stronger and more empowered.


My husband had agreed to the session with skepticism, which I understood because it is something he would not have gravitated to or been open to in the past. He had rolled his eyes a few times with a smile, and I smiled back, but he was willing and happy to give it a try.

While there are many ways we receive information (insights), it is always perfectly aligned with what we are ready to assimilate and expand on at that time. I will also mention that visual guided meditations do not mean we will necessarily ‘"see" images; some will see nothing at all but know exactly what is revealed. As I mentioned previously, feelings, smells, and sounds are compelling ways of receiving information. How we assimilate, information will also vary in time.

For my husband, his gift of clear sight was a very powerful healing element of the session on this occasion. During the Soul Retrieval, he could see his mother clearly in his mind’s eye, which brought a smile to his face. After the session finished, we waited.

The following day, within 24 hours, his cat allergies disappeared completely. Brendan arrived at our home at the right time when we had the tools, the openness, and trust in ourselves to dive deeper.

The Human Collective

The physical condition, in this case, cat allergy, is a clue that something far more profound may not be in alignment and could be impacting other areas of our lives. While this experience helped my husband heal and strengthen his immune system, it was also a significant milestone in understanding, at a deeper level, the importance of energy healing and introspective work.

In a broader sense, and as I mentioned above, oversensitivity issues that impact the immune system through allergies can emanate from trust issues. Our skin is the first point of contact with the external world. The root cause will vary for each person, and even if the symptoms are similar, the journey will be experienced differently by each individual. It is a process of deconstructing overarching themes such as polarities and archetypes into a unique introspective, intuitive, and inquisitive personal journey.

It is not necessarily essential to be consciously aware of the origin. There are times that trust issues may have their roots in the womb, or they can be inherited through cellular memory as one body births the next body, and so on. For the most part, we may never find the answers, but we can feel or see them physically, and we can allow the feelings and emotions to guide us through open dialogue and communication with our bodies.

It can take a tremendous amount of courage, love, and an open heart to trust that we will make these magnetic connections - whether within ourselves or finding the right person who can guide us in finding the answers for ourselves.

While there have been many strides and awareness in medicine, science, and holistic therapies, we are far from the depth and connection we need for intuitive introspection and self-reflection. There is no one-size-fits-all and no quick fixes in this line of inner work; however, the wisdom we gain, the natural medicine we resource from within, and the healing we feel...are free.


More About Brendan

We are very grateful that Brendan Luz Smith came into our lives to shine a light on aspects that needed healing. Although my husband did not openly admit it, it was evident that he and Brendan shared a strong bond through the years. They became close buddies and were both each other’s guardians. My husband was always defending Brendan, even in his naughtiest behaviors!

Born on March 13, 2018, Brendan sadly passed away on June 6, 2021, nearly the exact date he arrived at our home (June 4, 2018). Curiously, he passed away two days after my husband's father passed away (June 4, 2021). He held space for us in ways we may never fully understand. I do not believe in coincidences. I believe Brendan was undoubtedly on a mission and a specific one. Thank you, Brendan. We love you and miss you.

According to Brendan’s Soul Plan, he was here to master himself, fulfill his earthly goals, and come into full soul awareness. Offering his talents in service to others was an integral part of his journey that nourished his soul.

Soul Plan Message From Brendan’s Chart

All there is…is love.

All there is…is now.

All there is…is infinite sweetness.

All there is…is light.

Steeped deeply, securely, steadfast and at one with this power, you gently flow with the apparent reality. Take refuge in all that is, there is no other way.

All apparent choices were also part of this.

All apparent choices are also part of you.


Postscript & Notes

The experience (process) of healing, whether through energy healing or conventional medicine, is unique to everyone despite the similarities in conditions. The story shared is a creative expression of a unique experience for those involved. It is meant to raise awareness and curiosity of our incredible nature and provide insights into the healing potential of humanity.

About The Author

Yassica is an intuitive and visionary artist and healer. Her creative expression is captured through art and writing. They reflect an inner journey of exploration and discovery that uncovers what is hidden, providing clues into the subconscious and revealing deeper aspects of the Self.

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