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Ancient Melodies of Creation

Updated: Jun 6

Ancient Melodies of Creation by Yassica Melissa Ferrer, acrylic & 24ct gold leaf on canvas, 60cm x 60cm, 2 October 2022


The Ancient Melodies of Creation are frequencies that are seen, heard, and felt as a rhythmic melody creating and weaving a primordial language that awakens our inner depths, helping us remember through the power of song.

We clear our hearts of old unforgiveness and clear our voice intonation so the frequency we speak will have a greater impact and carry stronger resonance and information. Incorporating sound as medicine for healing.

The Vision

I tuned in to Catherine's Soul Plan when she asked to commission a painting. In my vision, on June 27, 2022, I felt two energies, side by side, travelling together from above, making their way down the left side of the chest and curling like a spiral around the heart. They formed the basis of the painting and the echolocation of the eye. I strongly connected to water and air, dolphins and whales, and star lineages. In August, I tuned in and intuitively sketched images, sounds, and words. I also searched and listened to whales online while creating patterns from sensing. Allowing the moment to guide me automatically while drawing sounds and writing words in my notebook.

The Painting

Intricate geometry underpins this image. On August 1, 2022. I started with the vesica piscis and used Jon Allen's guide on how to draw a pentagon within a vesica (see page 21 of his book Drawing Geometry). The apex of the pentagon would be my centre point and the location of the [third] eye for the shapeshifting type of "being" that began to emerge. I used the radius of 8cm, drew two vesica piscis to determine the length, and rendered the outer shell. The rendering formed the whale's body and the eagle's beak. The aperture of the "beak", or the whale's nasal region, is 3cm. All numbers are relevant to Catherine's Soul Plan chart. For this aperture, I kept thinking of the flower of life pattern emanating from it - the blueprint of all life.

The tails of the vesica piscis that split out from below reminded me of the primordial beings I came across in a meditation journey in 2020. I first encountered them and their frequency when I worked on the Ancient Earth Healing Mandala (1st image below). I journeyed inward through meditation and met them in the deep blue centre point of the mandala. They showed up again when I worked on the Womb Stargate the following year (2nd image below). I found the closest reference to them in Robert Temple's book The Sirius Mystery about the Dogon Tribe in Mali (3rd image below). I also reference them in the Ancient Future.

I also felt very connected to them when I visited Syracusa and Avola in Sicily in August 2019; the fountain of Diana depicting the fish beings in human-hybrid form was quite intriguing. However, even while I was there, I could sense further connections to Egypt that were relevant - a lineage whose descendants are the Essenes and from where the symbol of the fish is commonly associated with Christ. Needless to say, these beings are found in many creation stories throughout ancient civilizations.

I share what I feel drawn to sharing without knowing what it all means necessarily other than there is something quite ancient and primordial that is communicating with us, helping us remember our origins and connections to the earth and stars. For those reading this, there could be information you can relate to and find relevant to your journey.

The tails are what they [the beings] stand on but curl upwards and create a fluttering of energy, a vibrational frequency that is a very high, rapid (joyful and loving) vibration - emanating from the root chakra. In the Ancient Melodies of Creation, they create frequencies that resemble sonar clicks, similar to whale sounds, creating a melody that begins deep in our subconscious memory (the dark blue aspect of the painting). They then make their way into conscious awareness (the light blue aspect), into our physical reality, where they are heard and felt. These melodies create a pattern painted in a deep rusty red, resembling the minerals of the earth, in particular iron.

In my Instagram post on October 9, 2022, I mentioned that there was also a spider animal messenger infusing this painting. The reason was that while I was channelling and writing for the Soul Plan report, a little spider made its way onto the paper and stopped there patiently. I pay attention when a little visitor arrives, waits, and then goes on their merry way. Nothing is random in this beautifully and divinely orchestrated universe.

Since expression was a significant theme for Catherine, I noted from Ted Andrew's book Animal Speaks that spiders remind us that the world is woven around us. We are the keepers and the writers of our destiny, weaving it like a web through our thoughts, feelings, and actions. They are associated with three predominant expressions of magic - the energy of creation, assertiveness (keeping the feminine energy of creation alive and strong), and spiral energy, linking the past and the future. The spider is also the guardian of ancient languages and alphabets.

Regarding cosmic energies, the geometric diamond core formed from the two vesica piscis is energies from Arcturus. The outer shell and the outer layers are connected to Sirius but also serve as the gateway (portal) for the bird tribe (messengers of light) to arrive. The pentagon, which I associate with Earth and Venus, reminds me of the Hathors, known for their celestial healing sounds. Their frequency is particularly healing for the throat (chakra) and all things related to expression. Needless to say, this was an extraordinary energy transmission.

The creative process was a 3-month journey and energy transmission from vision to completion. The painting was finished on October 2, 2022, and was delivered to Catherine later that month. I am grateful to her for her strong earth energies that helped bring these ethereal energies into form to share with you and to help us remember.

While the original painting is with Catherine, we are both excited to share this image with those who feel connected to these energies. You can purchase a print in my shop. To learn more about Catherine and her work, please visit her website Akasha Awakening. I met Catherine in 2017 when she read my Soul Plan, which opened up a lot of wonderful insights and paths for me too.

Thank you, Yassica, for the gift of your art and transmission. It has been such a beautiful process to work with you on this piece. It deeply resonates in form and in meaning. - Catherine Bjorksten

Post Note: My painting will have an interpretation that is unique to you. I welcome your insights and interpretation. I learn so much about my visions through you too. Please leave a comment or reach out directly. Thank you.

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