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Ancient Melodies of Creation

Updated: Jan 14

Ancient Melodies of Creation by Yassica Melissa Ferrer, acrylic & 24ct gold leaf on canvas, 60cm x 60cm, 2 October 2022


The Ancient Melodies of Creation are frequencies seen, heard, and felt as a rhythmic melody, creating and weaving a primordial language that awakens our inner depths, helping us remember through the power of song. We clear our hearts of old unforgiveness and clear our voice intonation so the frequency we speak will have a greater impact and carry stronger resonance and information. Incorporating sound as medicine for healing.

The Vision

I tuned in to Catherine's Soul Plan when she asked to commission a painting. In my vision, on June 27, 2022, I felt two energies, side by side, travelling together from above, making their way down the left side of the chest and curling like a spiral around the heart. They formed the basis of the painting and the echolocation of the eye. I strongly connected to water and air, dolphins and whales, and star lineages. A couple of months later, I tuned in and intuitively sketched images, sounds, and words. I also searched and listened to whales online while creating patterns from sensing. Allowing the moment to guide me automatically while drawing sounds and writing words in my notebook.

The Painting

The foundation of this artwork lies in intricate geometry. On August 1, 2022, I embarked on this creative journey, starting with the vesica piscis and following Jon Allen's guide from his book Drawing Geometry. The apex of the pentagon became the focal point, housing the [third] eye of a shape-shifting type of being that was emerging. Employing an 8cm radius, using numerology from Catherine’s Soul Plan Chart, I drew two vesica piscis to establish proportions, rendering the outer shell that shaped into both the whale's body and the eagle's beak. The aperture of the "beak," representing the whale's nasal region, measured 3cm—a dimension also harmonized with Catherine's Soul Plan chart. In this aperture, I kept feeling the recurrent image of the flower of life pattern emanating, symbolizing the blueprint of all life.

The tails of the vesica piscis, extending below, evoked memories of primordial beings I encountered during a meditation journey in 2020, which resulted in the painting of the Ancient Earth Healing Mandala (1st image below). It was in the deep blue at the centre of the mandala where they appeared to me in my mind's eye, and I felt their vibrational frequencies. They reappeared during the creation of the Womb Stargate the following year (2nd image below), and then referenced in Ancient Future (3th image). I also find that their essence resonates with the detailing by the Dogon Tribe in Mali (4th image below), referenced in Robert Temple's book The Sirius Mystery.

My profound connection to these beings deepened during my visit to Syracusa and Avola in Sicily in August 2019. The fountain of Diana, portraying fish beings in human-hybrid form, captivated my interest. Yet, I sensed broader ties to Egypt, a lineage linked to the Essenes and recognized for associating the fish symbol with Christ. Across diverse ancient civilizations, these beings weave through creation stories, echoing a timeless and universal narrative.

These beings, depicted standing on tails that curl upward, emit a fluttering energy—a high, rapid, joyful vibrational frequency emanating from the root chakra. In the Ancient Melodies of Creation, their frequencies mimic sonar clicks, akin to whale sounds, forming a melody that begins in the depths of our subconscious (represented by the dark blue aspect of the painting). These melodies ascend into conscious awareness (the light blue aspect) and manifest in our physical reality, where they are heard and felt. The resulting pattern is painted in a deep rusty red, reminiscent of the earth's minerals, particularly iron.

Sharing these experiences, I acknowledge the mystery of their meaning. What resonates is an ancient, primordial communication that invites us to remember our origins and connections to the Earth and stars. To the reader, threads of information may resonate with your personal journey.

While I was writing my thoughts onto paper to inform Catherine’s Soul Plan Report, something remarkable happened: a little spider, an unexpected but meaningful animal messenger, made its way onto the paper, pausing there patiently. In the tapestry of this beautifully and divinely orchestrated universe, I've learned to recognize that nothing is random—every occurrence carries purpose.

Given the thematic importance of expression in Catherine's Soul Plan, I turned to Ted Andrew's book Animal Speaks, discovering that spiders appear in our lives to remind us that the world is woven around us. Andrew explained that as we navigate life, we are both the keepers and authors of our destiny, weaving it into existence through our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Furthermore, spiders, associated with three expressions of magic—creation, assertiveness (keeping the feminine energy of creation alive and strong), and spiral energy (linking the past and the future)—serve as guardians of ancient languages and alphabets.

Delving into cosmic energies, the geometric diamond core forged from two vesica piscis channels energies from Arcturus. The outer shell and layers find a connection with Sirius, serving as a portal for the arrival of the bird tribe, messengers of light. The pentagon, resonating with Earth and Venus, evokes thoughts of the Hathors, renowned for their celestial healing sounds. Their frequencies, particularly beneficial for the throat chakra and expressions, contribute to the extraordinary energy transmission encapsulated in this artwork.

This creative odyssey spanned three months, is a journey and energy transmission from vision to completion. On October 2, 2022, the painting, infused with Catherine’s strong earth energies, was completed and subsequently delivered. My gratitude extends to her, a collaborator in bringing these ethereal energies into tangible form—an offering to share and a vessel to aid in collective remembrance.

While the original artwork is with Catherine, we share this artistic soul journey with those who resonate with its energies. For deeper insights into Catherine and her transformative work, I invite you to explore her website, Akasha Awakening. My connection with Catherine dates back to 2017, when she delved into the intricacies of my Soul Plan and paved the way for numerous enlightening insights and pathways in my journey.

Thank you, Yassica, for the gift of your art and transmission. It has been such a beautiful process to work with you on this piece. It deeply resonates in form and in meaning. - Catherine Bjorksten


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