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Water of Life

Updated: Jan 14

Water of Life by Yassica Melissa, Acrylic & 24ct gold leaf on canvas 60 x 60cm

The Journey and Vision

The Water of Life was inspired by a visionary journey in a hypnotherapy session to find the source of my water (what nourishes me) as part of the integrative psychotherapy studies I embarked on in early 2023. The painting depicts and explores what lies within, into a dimensional space beyond our third-dimensional reality. I tuned into the spiritual dimension and consciousness of primordial waters (waters of creation).

In the session, I entered my subconscious memories from my childhood bedroom in New York through an imaginary door that I envisioned as a wooden red door with an old latch. When I entered this space, I found myself floating in an expansive landscape of green pastures with mountains and trees on the distant horizon.

As I floated above this landscape, I was surrounded (contained) by bubbling water while observing the land around me. I felt my root and sacral chakra energy activated with tingling feelings. My gaze was drawn to a mountain in the distance as I searched for the source of my water; it was coming up through the mountain. I followed the water down the mountain and into the Earth. The deeper I went down into the Earth, the greater the void. The source of my water disappeared into the void, into the pitch black, where it began.

I then found myself in the Earth's centre, contained (held) within this bubbly water. However, I was also observing it. It was just floating there, regenerating itself, the seat of Creation, moving and flowing in a diamond-like shape, alive like a spirit being with thousands of bubbling bubbles held in a fluid-like structure. It had a soft glow to it, and it felt feminine. Around the void begins the many layers of the Earth.

I understood from this experience that this source of water in the void nourishes all living things, but it exists in a different state or substance than what we know of water. All of nature, all living things on Earth, are aware of this inner source, yet most humans are not. We have become disconnected and are now remembering.

It was a healing experience for me as I reflected on this as my mirror within and the void as the womb and the seat of Creation. While I was in this space, I set the intention to reinforce (strengthen) the boundaries around the void. Overall, this healing journey was powerful, bringing me greater confidence and deeper connections within myself and those around me over the coming days and months. That evening, I slept very deeply and had profound and symbolic dreams.

My Painting Process

Each painting serves as a communication and healing tool. I am moved quite profoundly by the high frequencies I see, feel and experience through meditation, sessions, or deep [regressive] hypnosis. The process unfolds slowly, sometimes months, reflecting the time needed to comprehend and articulate the profound emotions and divine energy that travels deep in my heart.

My paintings speak to me in a multidimensional or holographic way - an energy transmission that encompasses the emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions. The shifts and nuances settle in their own time and space, resisting hurried timelines. The process cannot be rushed.

To capture this ethereal energy, I use sacred geometry as a structure and a container, grounding it into our tangible reality. While there are primary forms (blueprints) that shape the fabric of our universe and all living things, the intuitive use of sacred geometry becomes a dance with the unknown. I never know exactly what the outcome will be, but as I begin, they start to unveil patterns and connections. I apply numerology and harmonize with what is happening astrologically.

For the Water of Life painting, I first started by drawing the image with my non-dominant hand (left). I then decided to use the flower of life pattern, with its hexagonal structure, because it mirrored water’s own hexagonal nature. Shapes emerged organically within the flower of life pattern, creating the bubbly effect. The curious formation of three diamond-like shapes in the centre became a point of intrigue. When I later came across Pollack's work on the fourth phase of water H3O2 (see next section below), I wondered whether my intuitive process instinctively tapped into this fourth phase of water.

Video of the drawing process:

The next video below depicts the intricate process of the hidden structure in the artwork, holding all the elements together. Also, painted on each of the six petals are the constellations as they were in the sky at the time of my birth.

Waters of Creation

After experiencing the vision of this water source, my exploration into the nature of water deepened, revealing a vast reservoir of knowledge that extended beyond conventional understandings. I was familiar with the intelligence of water, Masuro Emoto's work and the healing effect of frequencies and vibrations on our body, mainly water. However, this began to expand, and I found myself reading and researching in greater detail.

I came across the work of Veda Austin, a water researcher on the intelligence of water. Her primary area of focus is photographing water in its 'state of creation', the space between liquid and ice. Through her remarkable crystallographic photos, water reveals its awareness of Creation, thought, and intention through imagery.

Veda Austin's focus on water’s language through hydroglyphs, akin to hieroglyphs, resonated with my own artistic expression. These hydroglyphs seemed to communicate in a multidimensional or holographic language, bridging emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions through the medium of water.

Richard Pollack's research on EZ (Exclusion Zone) water, also known as structured water or fourth-phase water, has the formula H3O2 and differs in composition and structure from H2O. According to Pollack, hexagonal (structured) water is made up of three hydrogen molecules and two oxygen molecules, and it occurs naturally in springs and underground oceans and is very healing.

The most astonishing discovery was coming across the book The Water of Life: A Treatise on Urine Therapy by John W. Armstrong and the many books, articles, and podcasts I came across since then that introduced me to the ancient practice of Shivambu, the body's natural inherent healing system. I was surprised to come across this ancient practice for the first time in 2023 and not before. My journey never ceases to surprise me. We are truly infinite beings!

The parallels between Earth's primal waters mirroring our inner waters from our time in the womb emphasize the interconnectedness of all waters and the inherent healing potential within. At the start of our life, we spend months in our mother's womb surrounded by amniotic fluid and recycling our own waters, including urine. From one womb to the next, we are one ocean of water, like the Earth holding all the water from the start of Creation. We are all meant to be remembering the source of Creation and its many dimensional and healing aspects.

In the mythology of many cultures and civilizations, we find that the primordial waters existed before the creation of the Earth. It was from the primordial waters that the Earth and the entire cosmos arose. And, in many ancient cosmogonic myths, the ocean remains outside space even after the emergence of the land. Water is said to be alien and came from elsewhere to Earth, which coincides with my memories through hypnotherapy as it relates to the Sun. There is water in the Sun.

The Water of Life painting is primarily a healing tool transmitting a healing frequency; therefore, it may invoke memories, visions, and feelings that will "land" or impact in different ways, providing further insights into your experience and inner sense of connection. Water represents your emotional body, and the deeper you connect to your own emotions in your 'ocean' or body of water, the more memories you can access. We all connect to different perspectives, experiences, and timelines, including the future.

As we tap into deeper connections, we confront challenging emotions and hidden wisdom. When they are difficult to observe and experience, we can ask ourselves: What are my visions, feelings, or emotions teaching me about myself? What is happening in my root or sacral chakra, womb, or creative expression? Or could it be something else? Where in my body do I feel that feeling/emotion? Speak to that part of your body and see what it tells you (the practice of body psychotherapy). How do I nurture myself? And what can I do to access that regenerative source within myself?

Nurturing the Self

The deeper we go within and know ourselves intimately, the more our boundaries are strengthened, our confidence increases, and our intuition flourishes. Every second of our life is divinely synchronized, and our awareness of this synchronization is mindblowing the deeper we go. As we go in and do the inner work, we also find things, whether from one lifetime or another, that are difficult to observe and experience but can be used as opportunities for growth as we remember, learn, and self-reflect.

The inward journey not only strengthens our connection with the self but also extends outward, to the outer world, our environment, and those who inhabit it. This deeper connection serves as a fundamental pathway to resolving much of the chaos, confusion, and conflicts prevalent in our external reality.

Water of Life by Yassica Melissa Ferrer

In alignment with this deep connection, I recently read (audiobook) The Legend of Starcrash by Dolores Cannon, a case of regressive hypnosis to a time in history that predates our civilization. What struck me was the extraordinary harmony and connection the aborigines of that time had with their environment. A testament to the untapped potential of humans, it serves as a reminder of the possibilities within our collective experience.

Sharing my insights, experiences, and artistic expressions is not only a personal journey but a testament to the collective growth facilitated by the willingness to convey our inner worlds. The words and art become conduits for the healing journey, an offering to others who, like me, have been shaped by the shared wisdom and experiences of fellow travelers. It is through this exchange that the tapestry of my identity and present reality is woven, a testament to the transformative power of shared narratives.

Thank you for your time.

With love,



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