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Yassica Melissa Ferrer

Soul Integration Art & Healing at Yassica Creative

Womb Stargare by Yassica Ferrer (Canvas Panel, Sep 2021).jpg

Womb Stargate by Yassica Melissa Ferrer, Sep 2021.jpg

Radiate Thirteen by Yassica Ferrer.jpg

Radiate Thirteen by Yassica Melissa Ferrer, 27 October 2021.jpg

Ancient Melodies of Creation by Yassica Melissa Ferrer, 2 October 2022

Ancient Melodies of Creation by Yassica Melissa Ferrer, 2 October 2022

Water of Life 10 Oct 2023

Water of Life 10 Oct 2023

Outer Time, 10 August 2022

Outer Time, 10 August 2022

Emergence by Yassica Melissa, 28 Feb 2022

Emergence by Yassica Melissa, 28 Feb 2022

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The Seeding by Yassica Melissa Ferrer.jpg


Yassica Creative is a manifestation of my passion for art, healing, and spiritual exploration, offering a holistic and transformative experience for those who engage with my work and services.


My paintings are inner healing journeys that dive deep into the human psyche and universe, captured from what I see and feel during healing sessions, meditations, or dream time, revealing deeper aspects of the Self. My journey, vision, and painting process are intertwined, creating a holistic and transformative experience for those who engage with my art, conveying a profound spiritual message and facilitating healing.  My paintings have been selected and featured in art exhibitions online by the College of Psychic Studies in London. Visit my shop to buy prints or my art gallery page to view my portfolio. 


I offer personalized sessions for individuals, small businesses, or organizations, blending intuitive coaching and holistic counselling. I use a unique system that incorporates the mystical sciences of numerology and symbolism to read the sound vibration of words called Soul Plan Reading. All things carry a unique vibration. Therefore, a birth name, business name, or any other name reveals information. This analysis forms a personalized chart and detailed report, unveiling a clear direction and transformative perspective to bring about positive change and growth. 


What inspires and motivates me is that my children grow up in a world where connecting to their soul essence and spirit is natural and encouraged. I believe that the more we strengthen our connection within, know ourselves and embrace ourselves intimately, the less conflict, war, and division we will see externally. Change starts with you and within you. What lights me up is raising awareness of our multidimensional universe and inspiring others to see and know for themselves. I share more in my about section.

Who I Am

I am like you, just slightly different, but aren't we All? Born and raised in Long Island, New York, I am a first-generation American with Argentine and Spanish ancestry. I moved to England in 2012, where I live with my husband and two boys. I also work in International Development, a career spanning two decades that has given me a very grounded and humble perspective with the opportunity to live and work worldwide. Alongside my career, I trained and am qualified in various holistic, energy healing, and therapeutic modalities. I am an active member of The CMA (The Complimentary Medical Association) and my professional profile and qualifications are on LinkedIn.

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9 July 2023.jpg
White Plants


"Yesterday, I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I want to change myself."

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