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We Are All Healers

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

On November 24, 2016, I was asked at an interview, “What makes a good healer?” I remember stumbling over my words while I was trying to answer this question clearly. I do not remember what I answered that day, but I remember being surprised that I did not have a clear answer. It would seem so simple, but it wasn’t for me and that question stayed with me for some time. I have learned that there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ healers – there just is.

If we are all connected and there is no separation, how could one be a healer and not another under this premise? And how can one be labelled as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ if we are all in this healing medley as a unified consciousness? What we each choose to experience is not good or bad, it just is – and it is exactly what we are choosing to experience in order to learn, grow, and expand in consciousness.

I had a friend who triggered anxiety in me every time we would agree to meet up. She was helping me heal through her vibration which was matching an emotion I needed to look at and take responsibility for in order to heal myself (Relationship Healing Through Spiritual Counselling). Although we expressed the unhealed parts differently, the vibration was similar. By taking responsibility and healing the root cause of my emotion I was also healing my friend.

There is no linearity to healing, it is happening simultaneously because it occurs outside of our third dimensional reality where time doesn’t exist – in a place that is governed by spirit, not ego. When you tap into other realms, there is no ‘time’ to anchor yourself in, it is no longer relevant; you are able to heal the past, present, and future simultaneously. As the healing integrates into your current physical reality you notice the changes in yourself and the external world around you; which mirrors who you are (becoming).

We are all healers; whether we choose the route of the medical profession, a healing modality, or live a life not associated to conventional or alternative healing – we are all healers because we are a stream of energy flowing and interacting with everything in this world; across many other worlds, realms, and dimensions. Every being, through their vibrational essence is the healer and the healer is the healing.

Every being carries a vibrational essence or frequency that is shaped by their vast experiences throughout the cosmos, and which is unique to that soul at this present moment on Earth. We are not here only to help heal others, we are here to learn (and remember) how to heal ourselves. By healing ourselves we are healing others and this approach naturally heals the collective. In other words, we are not healing others to heal the collective; we are healing ourselves to heal the collective which is our-selves.

When a healer approaches a session with this level of awareness there is a balanced exchange of energy between the healer and the client. The energy that is flowing through the client and the healer – and expressed through sound, words (spoken or written) or just presence (holding space) – creates the most magical transformation within that space that is merged intentionally between two people.

What we have chosen to experience in this lifetime and the filters through which our energy flows, and through which it is channeled, is what differentiates us in the spectrum of healers in this world. There is no good or bad – there just is.

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