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The Eyes of Love

Updated: May 1, 2022

The Eyes of Love by Yassica Ferrer, Acrylic & Gold Leaf on Paper, October 2019

It is through the eyes of love that we see beyond the illusion. We see clearly. We feel clearly. It is through our heart that we access our timeless wisdom. We access our inner sight. We see truth. It is through our heart that we step fully into our own power. We remember who we are. We open our inner ears. It is through the eyes of love that we listen. – Yassica

Original Sketch by Yassica Ferrer, 2018

At the end of 2018, when I finished the notebook I had been writing in for the past two years, I sketched this drawing on the cover as I was reflecting on my spiritual awakening journey. I was capturing what it felt like to open up to my spiritual life – by embracing my intuitive and healing gifts, the elemental spirit world, the cosmic family of beings who surround me, and listening to the voice of my soul – without fear.

Within the 2-dimensional star tetrahedron, I found the shape of the heart – one going down and the other going up – overlapping to create two eyes. The bottom heart, in red, represents our physical heart, and the top heart, in pink, represents our ‘higher' (spiritual) heart.

The green surrounding the Merkaba represents Earth, and it is also the color of the heart chakra (as I had learned it early on in my spiritual journey). I added the purple triangles to represent our inner listening. As we connect to our heart space, we hear and see (truth) more clearly; and access our inherent wisdom.

2nd Sketch by Yassica Ferrer, watercolor pencils, January 2019

Another version of this drawing was shared on Instagram, but more versions kept emerging as I opened and healed my heart space. From a conventional perspective, I would never have thought I had trauma related to my heart space, but I did not know or understand (was aware) that it is the portal to the universal connection. It was where all my intuitive gifts lay hidden. Limiting beliefs, conditioning, and past life traumas kept them hidden.

With this latest version, I felt called to apply more precision and mathematical alignment; while remembering my heart from another life and getting ready to merge the two as one. I expand on this further in the story Re-Membering My Heart.

As it applies to the human collective, I feel this image captures our expanding awareness within our third-dimensional structure. We are learning to see through our heart space, discern truth more clearly, and listen and trust our own truth – which grounds us in the present moment.

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