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The Formless Within the Form

Updated: Feb 15

The inspiration for this artwork came after attending an advanced hypnotherapy course. I write about my experience in Freedom: A Journey To Re-membering My Heart. In the course, I unexpectedly re-visited a past life that I had visited a couple of years earlier in a Past Life Regression session (June 2017). There were aspects (layers) of that life that needed additional healing. I explore this further in my story.

The inspiration for the title comes from the book, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean, that I was reading at the time. The following passage resonated with how I experience myself in other forms while in this human body.

Not as man am I
for free have I become of dimensions and planes.
In each, take I on a new body.
In each, I change in my form.
Know I now that the formless is all there is of form.

When I reach high frequency/vibrational states in deep meditation and hypnosis, or during a sound healing (i.e. gong bath), or moving chi around my body (i.e. Chi Gong), what unfolds next is usually the most difficult part of the healing. The high frequencies will push out the lower density ones (or bring them to the light, as it were) to see it, acknowledge it, learn the lesson and be thankful for it, accept it, and forgive yourself and others. The process can take days, months, or years.

When lower density imprints (i.e. emotions, traumas) are pushed out, they manifest in your conscious reality (as an event, a person, etc). Unless you go through the integration process (healing) you will continue to draw similar experiences that are a vibrational match until you can finally shift the vibration of the negative imprint/limiting belief.

When I started healing other dimensional aspects of myself and integrating them into my human form, my heart space felt like it was going to explode because I was not allowing the space within to let go and expand. I was trying to make my experiences fit into a preconceived structure; when, in truth, I was just scared to let go and accept the process. It is so much easier to hold on to what is familiar even though we may know it is not good for us.

The painting, therefore, represents what it feels like to be free within a human form. When we are free, we are not contained (feel restricted), we are not trapped, and we are not limited to one structure or form. We are free to expand ad infinitum and we are free to express the formless within all our forms.

Artwork finished on November 19, 2019, by Yassica Ferrer using acrylic and gold leaf. For more background information about this drawing see The Eyes of Love and Freedom: A Journey To Re-membering My Heart.

All images are copyright

d © by Yassica Ferrer.

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