The Alignment

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

My heart bursts open. I am finally home.

The physical healing is related to the legs.


It is time to be living in the now, fully present, and grounded in our bodies on Earth.

Channels of communication are opening within ourselves. Are we listening? Are we sharing our truth? Are we speaking with integrity and authenticity? Are we trusting with an open heart and sharing the energy of love, abundance, and information?

The more we trust ourselves and deepen our connection, the shorter the gap gets between intuition and action until we are living in the now moment. The more aligned we are with our intuition - the inner compass that creates our outer reality - the better we understand our bodies, our memories, and our traumas.

Our inner communication system sharpens, and we can listen to what it is telling us. Our path becomes clearer. We open all channels of communication with every cell in our body. As we do this, we can see clearly the many dimensional layers through which energy communicates. We no longer believe, we now know. We listen and discern.

The more people start discerning and listening to their inner voice, the clearer the collective voice becomes. This is how we change the collective reality. This is how we create the new paradigms we want to live in. This is how we align with the best version of ourselves in conjunction with Earth. This is how we align and evolve as a collective whole.

Welcome to your true self, welcome home.

This image arrived as a vision on March 12, 2020. The painting was completed and published on April 4, 2020, a day of astrological significance. In Soul Plan, the #12 day (4+4+2020) represents the energies of love and knowledge, expansion, and expression. It is a time to connect within and receive.

All images are copyrighted © by Yassica Ferrer.


Reading, United Kingdom

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