Initiation - The Waters of Avalon

Updated: Apr 4

Channeled Guidance

There are four ways and possibilities for things to unfold. Use your intuition. Which way do you want to go? Which option are you choosing? If you cannot see the outcome but can only feel it, which way is calling you?

A fifth one appears.

There is a fifth path in the middle. The one that goes straight ahead. The one you did not see initially but the one that was in front of you all along. That is the path you start walking on. The one that is straight ahead and is pointing like the tip of an arrow. What lies ahead is water. The fluid in motion.

You walk towards this body of water, circular in shape, surrounded by trees. You go in and you stand in the middle of this body of water and you allow yourself to sink right through it. You are underneath. You can feel the sun rays above, illuminating your path in the underground, in the underworld, but it is not dark.

You can breathe because the trees, its roots, are also anchoring within the water. This is the water of creation, this is where it all begins. This is where you learn to swim, this is where you learn to breathe. This is where you receive your light. This is where you learn to grow, and this is where you are held in love.

Go in as often as you need to realign with your true Self – where you dream your world into being.


There is only one path, the path that we walk onto when we are born and the one that leads us back when we transition from our physical form. We are always on the path whether we can ‘see’ it or not.

We may veer off to the left or to the right to experience and learn lessons, but we come back to the middle path. We come back to the path that we may not have seen initially, but the one that has always been aligned to our true essence and life purpose.

We come back to our hearts and we come back to the path that has always been there, the one we are creating, and the one that is unfolding in the present moment.

It is easier to receive guidance when we are grounded and aligned with ourselves following the path that we cannot always see. It does not matter whether we ‘see’ it or not, what matters is that we can feel it. What matters is that we trust that it is there. We let go of our need to control and sit within our hearts to feel where we are heading next.


This image arrived as a vision on March 29, 2020. I waited until “it was time” to bring it into form. I find these feelings so curious since I can also find it difficult to ‘trust’ the process sometimes. I finished the painting on May 9, 2020. As I reflect on it, it feels so divinely timed with the energies of the recent full moon and the current planetary alignments.