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Updated: May 2, 2022

The Waters of Avalon

Initiation by Yassica Ferrer, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas panel, 16 x 20 inches, 9 May 2020.

About the Art

Initiation invites us to dive into the waters of creation, where we dream our world into being, and where we are held in love ready to emerge. In this space, we align with the middle path and honor the sacredness of life.

When we are born, our path is aligned with our true essence and life purpose. There may be times throughout our lives when we veer off this path and feel we are not in alignment. This painting reminds us to trust our intuition and invites us to go back to our center by going back to the beginning, back to the waters of creation where it all began. It is here where we realign with our true purpose, receive clear guidance, lead from the heart, and walk the path that has always been there and is unfolding in the present moment.

It is easier to receive guidance when we are grounded, balanced, centered, and aligned with our essence, even if we cannot always see where we are going. It does not matter whether we ‘see’ the path or not, what matters is that we can feel it. What matters is that we trust that it is there. We let go of our need to control and sit within our hearts to feel where we are heading next.


The image unfolded in my mind's eye while meditating on March 29, 2020 and I finished the painting on May 9, 2020. As a Soul Plan Practitioner, I am aware of the vibrational frequency that numbers carry. As a collective, we all follow the Gregorian calendar so there is a collective focus on the day where we place our energies.

March 29, 2020 (3+2+9+2+0+2 = 18) and May 9, 2020 (5+9+2+0+2+0 = 18) are both aligned with the soul plan energies of 18 (9), which I found very interesting because it is the energy of finality and solution (the energies of life), and also about claiming our power to offer it in love and service. In a space of 6 weeks, much was rattled and shaken leaving many people unsettled creating states of confusion and fear of the unknown.

Collectively, we were entering a radical shift in our lives in March 2020. Many were challenged to look at their beliefs around life and death and to reflect on the choices that were being made. The world paused to reflect on how we were feeling, on what we were holding on to, and on what we were letting go of.

The painting captures the guidance that reminds us to go back within, to the core of our being and reconnect with our essence.

Inspiration for the title

In ancient traditions, initiations have an important role in marking milestones in life or our spiritual development. It honors the importance of feeling connected and expressing the sacredness of life.

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