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Surrender To All That Is

While in deep meditation and connecting with the Sirius star energies, I was shown four symbols that, when visualized together around the head, help clear our head space, balance our energies, and connect us to our inner wisdom. They strengthen our connection with our higher self and guides.

I have listed below the 4 healing symbols in the order in which they appeared in my mind. Try visualizing them in their position in and around the head while meditating:

  1. The golden sphere representing the pineal gland and meant to help clear the third eye. Picture this image in the center of your head.

  2. The six-pointed star (Merkaba) meant to heal our crown chakra and open us up to our soul star. Picture this image above the head.

  3. The four balls on each side are meant to be healing the ears. Imagine they are spinning clockwise, like a wheel, along side your head clearing anything that may be blocking you from listening to your inner voice.

  4. The blue spiral sphere represents the occipital chakra which is at the lower back of the head, also known as our channeling center. Imagine this sphere spiraling inward. It is connected to your ears and your heart chakra. The third eye also reaching out and connecting to this inner listening system.

Visualizing each of these in their position around the head. I would love to hear what has come up for you.


We are all channels of energy and information. When we are aligned and balanced within, information flows through our heart chakra space (our feeling center) and through our throat chakra (our vocal cords). The clearer we receive the clearer we give; and vice versa.

I have felt incredible healing around my head with Sirian energy both in November 2018, when I had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) session, and then in May 2019 while sitting in circle with a monthly meditation group. To read more about the healing from my QHHT session in 2018 see the following blog post: Walking in Integrity.

In July 2019, after speaking to my friend who had surgery scheduled later that month, I felt the call to draw this image and share it with her. The feedback and the words she shared after she saw the drawing inspired the title of this artwork. View all testimonials for this artwork here.

*Artwork finished on July 7, 2019 by Yassica Ferrer using a combination of watercolor pencils and acrylic paint.

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