Walking In Integrity: knowing the Self intimately without judgment

Updated: Feb 17

In June 2018, I was at the hair salon getting my hair colored as I usually did every 6-8 weeks for the last 11 years. The hairdresser had just applied the color to my roots covering my scalp. I felt the creamy cool substance on my head as it settled there for about 20 minutes while I flipped through the latest fashion magazines. While I waited, I started to feel a sensation on the back of my head. It felt like someone was placing a ceramic plate on it. I had felt this 6 weeks earlier while getting my roots done, but this time it felt more intense. The sensation was so clear that I could have easily drawn the circular shape around it to mark the spot.

I was already familiar with the energetic significance of the back of the head. We all have an energetic vortex there for channeling; also known as the occipital chakra (or alta major). Usually, when it starts to tingle it means it is opening up and becoming more active which had been happening to me. At the salon, it felt like the dye was “dulling” or covering this area of my head. At that moment, I knew, with a sense of resistance that I had to stop dying my hair. At least temporarily, I thought.

When I embarked on the inner spiritual journey a few years ago there was really no stopping it. I now felt called to focus on what I was putting on (and into) my physical body. I decided to give myself a 6-month break to clear that part of my head. So on my next visit to the hair salon, I asked my hairdresser to only apply color to the top of my head and leave the rest of my hair/scalp clear. Of course, I struggled to explain to her ‘why’; and I was probably turning into that annoying client – certainly nuts! She suggested low-lights on the top of my head. I reassured her (really myself) that it would only be until the end of the year – for 6 months.

Around this time, I bought the book Medical Medium by Anthony Williams. I had just finished studying mediumship with Gordan Smith at the College of Psychic Studies so I was curious to learn how Anthony worked as a medium. While being absolutely fascinated by his abilities and mission in life, I found I was really drawn to the chapter on clearing toxins. I felt called to incorporate the foods he recommended for the healing cleanse. Also, around this time, I came across an incredible channel who also spoke of the importance of clearing space, through foods, in our various energetic bodies to be the clearest channel for healing. The more we clear, the more information we unlock, the greater our connection to all living things, and the greater the level of discernment we obtain.

While I had no idea what pockets of toxins I would have taken on from the myriad of products in my environment throughout my life (or inherited from my ancestors), I got started on the healing cleanse recommended in the book. I felt interesting sensations throughout my body so I knew something was working and clearing. Although I had always considered myself a healthy eater, I knew I needed to take it up a notch so I did the recommended healing cleanse for a few weeks. In that time, I gained a greater level of awareness about my body, about the foods I was eating, and in particular about my energy levels. They were through the roof and I felt great.

Quantum Healing

By the time November rolled around, I had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) session; a hypnotherapy modality founded by Dolores Cannon. I had uncovered quite a lot about myself through hypnosis (Past Lives and Life Between Life) the year before, in 2017, so I was ready to dive deeper into my universe. I was searching for clarity about myself. Although a lot happened in this session, at one point I felt my guides come in; and then I channeled what was happening (which was recorded).

I felt myself drifting far away from this Earth, deep into the Universe. There I felt an alignment take place in my bone structure around my chest area. I felt gentle hands holding my lower neck as well. These ‘hands’ were moving in an upward motion as if the back of my skull was being gently massaged, cleared, and elongated. I was shown that the connection between the occipital chakra, my ears, and my heart space were all connected and that the energy was now flowing more clearly.

I understood that in the last 6 months I had been creating space in my energetic field to make room for this clearing and upgrade to take place. After this session, I noticed that my level of discernment was much clearer – more like shockingly clear; as it related to friends, mentors, habits, rituals, emotions, etc., in my life at the time. Things that were not in alignment any more started to fall away. I could also listen to my intuition more clearly and I understood that I had been clairaudient all of my life.

After this session, and to my relief, I also felt I had the green light to go dye my hair! So, I booked an appointment at the hair salon. Of course, spiritual work is never that easy! The incredible healing that I had just experienced in the upper realms (higher frequencies) would now trickle down and integrate into my human third-dimensional reality. I wanted more clarity, and that is exactly what I got! However, when you shine more light within, you illuminate what was once hidden as shadows (unconscious). When they come up to be seen they have to be embraced and integrated. This process is the ‘not-so-fun’ bits.

Healing the 3D Human