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Strength and Balance

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Healing the Central Support System

This symbol is related to our spine and the energy running from our root chakra up through our heart chakra and beyond. As the energy moves up our spine, it splits to either side equally – clearing our lower back and kidney areas. It then moves up through our solar plexus and into our our heart space in our chest area. This is our feeling center and another form of expression and communication.


This symbol appeared in my mind’s eye while meditating on June 17, 2019, on the day of the full moon. I was sitting in circle with others while connecting with the Council of Light and Venusian angelic energy.

I was first shown how we are all connected, not just on Earth, but with all the other beings existing in our solar system. When we all merge together we form the sun which is rotating clockwise. We created the sun and it is through the sun – light that we are experiencing ourselves.

What the Venusians have mastered, and are sharing with us through this symbol, is a balance between our divine feminine and divine masculine energies. We have many symbols in common since we share the same sun (star) in this solar system.

I felt a strong presence from the Hathors while finishing this drawing; and like us, the Venusians were also influenced by Hathor beings (The Hathor Material by Tom Kenyon). On Earth, the Hathors had a very important role in setting up the Egyptian culture and hieroglyphics. They are very much associated with the divine feminine energies that are re-surging in our world today.

The Hathors first appears in my awareness while on a retreat in Northumberland in 2017. I did not recognise them until I went to the Egyptian exhibition a couple of months later at the British Museum and saw images of them that resembled what I saw in my mind's eye.

As you reflect on this image what does it resemble? What do you remember? How does it make you feel? The drawing may communicate information related to creation stories that can be pieced together from many tribes, cultures and societies from around the world; through temples and also astrology.

In the book The Sirius Mystery by Robert Temple (pp 75-76), he writes, “The placenta is used by the Dogon Tribe as a symbol of a system of groups of stars or planets … The planets and satellites (and companions) are associated to the circulating blood and to the “seeds”… that flow with the blood. In our own solar system all the planets emerged from the placenta of our sun. The planet Venus was formed from blood which fell on the placenta. (Venus ‘was blood red when she was created, her color fading progressively’)”.

*Artwork created by Yassica Ferrer and finished on July 19, 2019 using color pencils and watercolor pencils.

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