Radiate Thirteen

Updated: Nov 10

The Vision

The 13 petaled-flower appeared in my mind’s eye during a client’s soul plan healing session on April 22, 2021. The flower opened inside her mouth and burst out rays of light that filled her head and poured out and around her like a toroidal field. The petals were yellow and the light was very bright. It was so beautiful and radiant. The stem, which went straight down her esophagus and through her solar plexus, felt very strong, precise, and rooted. I understood from this image that her vocal airways were being cleared to help express herself with more clarity and establish stronger boundaries.

The 13-petaled-flower reminded me of an outpouring of information that needed to be shared with the world. When we clear old, stagnant energy or energy that is holding us back from expressing ourselves we are releasing what no longer serves us and what is no longer in alignment with our essence. The outpouring felt like a ‘purging’ through the mouth.

The principle meaning of this image is the new life that comes from death. What are we releasing, what are we finally putting to rest? What patterns, thoughts, identities, masks, and illusions are now gone?

When I looked up 13-petaled flowers, I found the Marigold that resembled the shape and color of the leaves in my vision. I decided that the flower in my painting would be a marigold. I loved all the symbolism that it represented.

Below, I share some information and insights on the number 13. I touch on the following topics that I find relevant to my painting:

  • Sacred Geometry - Flower of life and fruit of life

  • Soul Plan energy #13.4: Divine Mother - water, wisdom, and love

  • Astrological and elemental reference

  • Marigold symbolism and medicine

  • Divine mother cosmology

  • Major Arcana Tarot Card #13 - Death

  • Egyptian Mysticism

Sacred Geometry

I knew I had to use the Flower of Life as the basis for the vision of the flower to unfold. I just didn't know how it would unfold. I started drawing the flower of life pattern in August over and over again until it finally clicked and came together in the image you see in the painting. It took time and I didn't start painting it until October.