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Radiate Thirteen

Updated: May 30, 2022

The Vision

The initial vision for this painting began in a Soul Plan Reading session in May 2021. During the hologram reading, I could see a 13-petaled flower open inside the client's mouth that burst out rays of light filling her head and pouring out around her like a toroidal field.

The vision was an energy transmission that felt beautiful and radiant. The stem, which went straight down her esophagus and through her solar plexus, felt very strong, precise, and rooted.

This vision felt like there was an outpouring of information ready to be shared with the world. The vocal airways are cleared to allow the message to flow freely. The clearing can be anything from trauma, old patterning, and beliefs that no longer serve us and are not aligned with our essence. The rooting through the stem and alignment helps establish stronger boundaries from a place of love and acceptance.

When we release what we have been holding onto due to fear, we create more space within our auric field to welcome and create new things in our life. These fears can often be deeply rooted in our childhood, ancestry, other lifetimes, imprints, or anything else, and it doesn't matter at times where it comes from as long as we can feel the shift and freedom the clearing offers us.

What new things in your life are emerging? What was hidden that now is ready to shine? Sometimes we keep new thoughts, ideas, and projects hidden behind negative patterns, beliefs, identities, masks, and illusions. We get so used to them that we sometimes do not realize they are there hiding our authentic Self.

Thirteen is a number that fascinates me, especially after learning its brilliance over the years. For the rest of the article, I share some insights and the meaning of this sacred number.

Sacred Geometry

In the months that followed, I wanted to use the flower of life as the basis for the initial vision. In sacred geometry, the feminine principle is represented in the Fruit of Life pattern, the 13 circles found within the flower of life pattern.

From the Fruit of Life emerges the masculine principle forming Metraton's Cube. From Metraton's Cube, we get the platonic solids, which are the building blocks of our physical world. There are many books out there that reference these beautiful and sacred patterns. Here I list a few I reference:

  • The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek

  • Drawing Geometry by Jon Allen

  • The Little Book of Coincidences by Joh Martineau

Soul Plan

Soul Transformation Therapy Archetypal Deck

In Soul Plan, the number 13 is the Divine Mother. The 13th Hebrew letter is Mem, and it is one of the triads of Mother letters that stands for water and wisdom, representing what is revealed and concealed. It seems that so much of what has been hidden is being revealed to us now, individually and collectively.

The celestial body of this energy is Neptune, God of the Sea. It is the planet of inspiration and is known to rule over our dreams, subconscious, illusions, and all things magical. Water enhances our intuition and teaches us about compassion. Neptune helps the soul break free from the restrictions and limitations of reality.

In Soul Plan, the number 13 is always paired with the number 4, related to 'Fertility and Abundance.' The Hebrew letter is Dalet, the celestial body is the Sun, and the Direction is East. In the East, we find the rising Sun, marking the birth of a new day and illuminating what is on the horizon. After the Sun sets, it travels through the underworld, the world of the hidden and subconscious, getting ready to be reborn again in the East.

The Marigold

Photo by Woliul Hasan on Unsplash

The Marigold is a 13-petalled flower. I found a resemblance to the petals in my vision, and there was symbolism that resonated. Marigold is often linked to the Sun and represents the power, strength, and Light that lives inside of a person. The name itself, full of symbolism, is the combination of 'Mary' and "Gold'. Furthermore, I worked on the painting in October and then learned that the birth flower of October is Marigold which I found to be extraordinary synchronicity.

According to the Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham, Marigold is masculine, its planet is the Sun, and its element is Fire. Its powers are related to protection, prophetic dreams, legal matters, and psychic abilities. Cunningham writes, "Marigolds, picked at noon when the Sun is at its hottest and strongest, will strengthen and comfort the heart...Looking at the bright flowers strengthens the sight...if a girl touches the petals of the Marigold with her bare feet, she will understand the language of the birds."

Divine Mother Cosmology

According to womb cosmology in Womb Awakening, the sacred feminine numbers 7 and 13 are associated with the celestial womb. The celestial spheres were the realms of brilliant Light and ascending consciousness - born of the cosmic womb of the great mother in a scintillating show of divine creative power. The number 13 is the number of the moon, with 13 new and full moons in a year and 13 lunar months of twenty-eight days. There is a lot to explore within this topic. Another great reference is The Great Cosmic Mother.

The Great Transformation

Major Arcana Tarot Card #13 - Death

Wisdom of The Tarot by Elisabeth Haich

I share the image from the book Wisdom of the Tarot by Elizabeth Haich as I love her interpretation of the Greater Arcana. This card represents great transformation.

Interestingly, before I knew much about Tarot and initiations, one of my favorite cards in the tarot deck was #12, The Hanged Man. I would look at that card and find peace, calm, and the desire to be in his place - a place that prepares us for great transformation. A good place to be (in total trust and acceptance) before everything changes.

This reminds me of my favorite yoga pose Sirsasana. An asana that can represent the inverted attitude when all thoughts and actions are diametrically opposed to those of the ordinary men. Can we find comfort in this state of being? How does it feel to share and express ourselves when we move past this state of contemplation and reflection? When I share information or express myself authentically, I find that others feel similarly.

Elisabeth Haich shares in her book an old saying that is fitting:

Long did I resist,

Finally, I gave way

When the old person turns to dust

The new one greets the day.

One of the most exciting parts of our spiritual journey is when we release the old stories, the old versions, the old identities, and the illusions. It is not easy to go through the transformation process, but there is freedom on the other side.

Another great reference is The Qabbalistic Tarot by Robert Wang. He writes, "The Personality undergoes a willful "death", surrendering everything that it believes itself to be. Most difficult is that this total surrender of life, this initiatory sacrifice, must precede the experience of cosmic awareness. One is required to give up the totality of one's being, one's very life, in relative darkness, yet in the faith that there will be a resurrection into the Light. As Jung puts it: "By descending into the unconscious, the conscious mind puts itself in a perilous condition, for it is apparently extinguishing itself." There is so much symbolism and incredible depth in this book by Wang. I highly recommend it.

Egyptian Mysticism

The "Opening of the Mouth Ceremony" in ancient Egypt is associated with Ptah. Ptah was the god who created the universe, including all other gods. First, he conceived them in his heart, the seat of the intellect, then spoke his thoughts. It was believed that Ptah opened the deceased's mouth and allowed him to eat, drink, and speak in the Netherworld.

It was important for the ka (spiritual essence of a person) to be kept intact to allow the magic of rebirth to occur when the deceased's ba (soul) returned as a bird and merged with the ka. As with Osiris and Re, the deceased was reborn, a better, idealized version of himself.

I felt it was related and necessary to share; although I do not know much about this ceremony, I kept thinking about it while painting.


I touch on a few insights that I hope will stir your imagination and desire to explore further for yourself. The vision of the flower that began in May 2021 during a session is a visual representation of a healing and energy transmission channeled co-creatively.

The symbolism is universal, and because it is channeled during a hologram reading, I believe it holds information relevant to the whole (collective field). Usually, I feel a strong 'calling' to paint and share when this happens.

Radiate Thirteen depicts the emergence of a new expression of ourselves.


Limited Edition Prints of Radiate Thirteen, hand-embellished with 23ct gold leaf, are available in my shop.

About the author

Yassica is an intuitive and visionary artist and healer. Her artwork captures the images that she sees in her mind’s eye. They reflect an inner journey of exploration and discovery that uncovers what is hidden, providing clues into the subconscious and revealing deeper aspects of the Self.

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