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Radiate Thirteen

Updated: Mar 16

Radiate Thirteen: Unveiling Inner Wisdom and Healing

Radiate Thirteen by Yassica Melissa Ferrer, acrylic & genuine gold leaf on paper, 36x51cm, 2021

The Vision Behind The Painting

The inspiration for this painting originated in a vision during a Soul Plan Reading session in May 2021. In my mind's eye, I observed a 13-petaled flower open within the client's mouth, emitting rays of Light that enveloped her head and cascaded outward around her like a toroidal field.

I witnessed a beautiful transmission of healing energy that felt powerful and radiant. The flower's stem coursed down her oesophagus and through her solar plexus area, reaching further down and exuding a sense of strength, precision, and rootedness.

In its essence, the energy felt like an outpouring of information ready to be shared with the world, clearing the vocal airways to allow the message to flow freely. What I refer to as 'clearing' is the shedding of layers of anything from past traumas to outdated beliefs and patterns incongruent with our true essence, laying the groundwork for establishing firmer boundaries rooted in love and acceptance.

Releasing some or all of these layers can liberate space within our energetic field, paving the way for new beginnings and creations in our lives. Often, these layers are deeply entrenched, stemming from our childhood, ancestral lineage, another lifetime, or soul imprints. Yet, the origin doesn't matter; what matters is the palpable shift and newfound freedom that accompanies the clearing process.

I invite you to visualize this flower emanating inside of you. What new things in your life want to emerge? What was hidden that is now ready to shine? Sometimes, we keep novel thoughts, ideas, and aspirations hidden behind veils of negative patterns, beliefs, and illusions obscuring our authentic selves.

The allure of the number thirteen has fascinated me for years, its significance unfolding with each passing revelation. Throughout this article, I touch on some insights and sacred symbolism associated with this number that you can delve into further if it resonates.

Exploring Sacred Geometry

In the months following the initial vision, I delved into sacred geometry, using the Flower of Life pattern as the foundational concept to translate my vision onto canvas. In this intricate pattern, the feminine principle finds expression in the Fruit of Life—a configuration comprised of 13 circles found within the Flower of Life pattern. From the Fruit of Life emerges interconnected lines representing the masculine principle and forming Metatron's Cube. This geometric structure serves as the genesis of the Platonic solids, the fundamental building blocks underlying the fabric of our physical reality. 

My painting highlights the Fruit of Life pattern, the feminine principle needed to manifest physical reality. What excites me the most is the "hidden" or unseen nature of the feminine, that when "found", all else falls into place. The feminine energy is our intuitive nature; without that connection, we struggle to see the depths of who we are, losing sight of our meaning and purpose. A multitude of books delve into these profound and sacred patterns, including some notable references:

  • The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek

  • Quadrivium: the four classical liberal arts of number, geometry, music and cosmology published by Wooden Books

  • Drawing Geometry by Jon Allen

Insights From Soul Plan

In Soul Plan, the number 13 holds significance as an energy that embodies the Divine Mother. Represented by the 13th Hebrew letter, Mem, it belongs to a triad of Mother letters symbolizing water and wisdom—a duality of what is revealed and concealed. In our current era, it seems that much of what was once shrouded in secrecy is now coming to Light on an individual and collective level. 

In the physical body, the energy is connected to the abdomen, where the sacral chakra resides and governs the water element and creativity. In the sky, it is connected to Neptune, who is associated with the depths of the sea and the mysteries of the subconscious. Neptune is the planet of inspiration reigning over our dreams, illusions, and all things magical, enhancing our intuition and nurturing our capacity for compassion. Connecting with water enhances our intuition. 

Furthermore, in the framework of Soul Plan, the number 13 is paired with the number 4 (1+3=4), an energy that embodies fertility and abundance. Corresponding to the Hebrew letter Dalet, it aligns with the Sun, and the directional pull is the East, where the rising Sun heralds the dawn of a new day and illuminates what is on the horizon. After the Sun sets, it travels through the underworld, the world of the hidden and subconscious, preparing to rise again in the East.

Where do you experience the Divine Mother energy in your life? How does it serve as a guiding force in breaking free from constraints and limitations? Do you find numerical patterns and connections in your own life?

Marigold: Symbolism and Synchronicity

Photo by Woliul Hasan on Unsplash

With its 13-petalled structure, the Marigold caught my attention due to its resemblance to the petals in my vision, sparking a sense of resonance with its symbolism. Often associated with the Sun, the Marigold embodies power, strength, and inner Light qualities. The name 'Marigold' carries profound symbolism, blending 'Mary' as in Mother Mary or the Divine Mother energy, usually interwoven throughout creation stories, with gold. Gold can be reshaped into endless forms without fracturing, demonstrating its great strength and brilliant colour, making it a powerful symbol of our highest nature and true inner self. Unsurprisingly, the name 'Marigold' carries Soul Plan's most powerful earth energies and clairvoyant abilities. Interestingly, I started painting the vision in October and later learned that October's birth flower is Marigold! This remarkable synchronicity added depth to the exploration of its symbolism.

According to the Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham, Marigold is attributed to masculine energy and is linked closely to the Sun element of Fire. Therefore, we find this combination to the feminine and masculine, to water and fire, to the earth and sky that are fundamental to creation and our cyclical nature. Cunningham explains its magical properties extend to areas such as protection, prophetic dreams, legal matters, and psychic abilities. He writes, "Marigolds, picked at noon when the Sun is at its hottest and strongest, will strengthen and comfort the heart...Looking at the bright flowers strengthens the sight...if a girl touches the petals of the Marigold with her bare feet, she will understand the language of the birds." Hence, his intriguing insights underscore the rich tapestry of folklore and mysticism surrounding this humble yet potent flower.

Exploring the Cosmic Womb

The cosmic womb is a sacred space associated with the feminine essence of creation. The number thirteen is the number of the moon, and according to the wisdom explored in Womb Awakening by Bertrand, she is the goddess of the night in both her celestial aspects and in her role as governess of the female menstrual cycles. There are 13 new and full moons in a year and 13 lunar months of twenty-eight days. Across cultures, the number thirteen echoes ancient lunar cosmology, from the original thirteen-division zodiac to the Mayan worldview of thirteen celestial heavens. In Egyptian tradition, Nut, whose dark womb contained the moon and all the stars in the sky, was painted on the inside of sarcophagi and coffins to welcome the dead back to her heavenly maternal embrace. This cosmic wisdom reminds us of life's cyclical nature, offering endless opportunities for growth, renewal, and transformation. Another great reference to explore this theme further is The Great Cosmic Mother by Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor.

Navigating Transformation: The Tarot and Egyptian mysticism

Delving into the symbolism of Major Arcana Tarot Card #13—Death—reveals a profound journey of transformation. Referencing Elizabeth Haich's evocative interpretation in Wisdom of the Tarot, this card serves as a poignant reminder of the inevitability of change and the subsequent rebirth that follows. How we navigate this profound transformation can be found in the spaces before and after. Interestingly, even before delving deeply into tarot, I would find solace in the Hanged Man of Major Arcana Card #12. Its serene posture spoke volumes about embracing trust and acceptance, preparing us to navigate life's significant transitions and transformations—a sentiment mirrored in the introspective practice of Sirsasana, or headstand, in yoga. Unsurprisingly, it's one of my favourite asanas! It gives us pause to reflect on how we embrace the impermanence of life. 

Elisabeth Haich shares an old saying that resonates deeply with this theme:

Long did I resist,
Finally, I gave way
When the old person turns to dust
The new one greets the day.

This encapsulates one of the most exciting parts of our spiritual journey: releasing old stories, identities, and illusions. While the transformation process isn't easy, freedom awaits on the other side. In the The Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang. He writes, "The Personality undergoes a willful "death", surrendering everything that it believes itself to be. Most difficult is that this total surrender of life, this initiatory sacrifice, must precede the experience of cosmic awareness. One is required to give up the totality of one's being, one's very life, in relative darkness, yet in the faith that there will be a resurrection into the Light. As Jung puts it: "By descending into the unconscious, the conscious mind puts itself in a perilous condition, for it is apparently extinguishing itself." Wang's profound exploration of symbolism invites readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Additionally, Egyptian Mysticism offers profound insights into the process of transformation. The "Opening of the Mouth Ceremony," associated with the Ptah, believed to be the God who created the universe and all other gods, symbolizes the spiritual rebirth of the individual. It was thought that he first conceived them in his heart, the seat of the intellect, then spoke his thoughts. To allow the deceased's spiritual essence (ka) to merge with their soul (ba), this ritual signifies a transformative journey towards a better, idealized version of oneself. Although my understanding of this ceremony is limited, the vision of the flower opening in the mouth and emanating Light and brilliance resonated throughout the painting process.


In conclusion, "Radiate Thirteen" encapsulates a spiritual exploration and transformation journey ignited by a vision during a Soul Plan Reading session in May 2021. As we delve into the intricate symbolism of the painting, we uncover layers of universal truths and ancient wisdom, from sacred geometry to Egyptian Mysticism, from tarot insights to the mystical qualities of the Marigold. Each element intertwines to form a rich tapestry of spiritual awakening and growth, inviting us to explore our inner landscapes and embrace the inevitable cycles of change. Through the lens of "Radiate Thirteen," we are reminded of the profound beauty that emerges from releasing old stories, identities, and illusions, paving the way for new beginnings more aligned with our authentic self. 



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