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An Expansion of Consciousness

Updated: Feb 11

Awakening The Womb Stargate: Cosmic Portals, Collective Healing, and Personal Transformation

The Genesis

The two paintings, Womb of Creation and the Womb Stargate unfolded over four months, from October 2020 to February 2021. Initially conceived as one painting, a distinct energetic shift occurred in the creative process, marking a clear before-and-after delineation during the pivotal great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the Solstice of December 21, 2020 - a moment in our collective history referred to as a cosmic portal. The paintings depict the alchemical journey of creation, guiding us through a journey of expanded awareness into new dimensions of living, perceiving, and sensing.

The Womb of Creation, completed on December 16, 2020, embodies the convergence of Earth's elemental forces - Water and Fire - within the cosmic womb. This sacred space resides within the depths of Earth - in our psyche and consciousness - in the womb. Here, amidst the darkness, a divine spark is alchemized, awaiting its moment of emergence, gestating within the dream of the dreamer.

Completed on February 5, 2021, the Womb Stargate signifies an expansion of consciousness - a new level of awareness emerges. The ethereal energies of Fire and Water intertwine, giving birth to a new expression of Self. This unexplored expression is new and different and sparks our curiosity, inviting us to embark on a journey of discovery and self-realization.

Unveiling the Creative Alchemy

Sketch by Yassica Ferrer

On October 19, 2020, I set the intention to channel a symbol for Angelique's healing and activation. As I tuned in and focused my energy, I felt the rise of strong kundalini energy, accompanied by a fluttering sensation in my throat. A vision emerged in my mind’s eye: a petal-like shape reminiscent of a multilayered vagina (yoni), radiating a bright light from within. This image was not only symbolic of creation but also resembled the throat - a channel of vocal expression. I share my sketch and writing above.

Using geometry, I began translating this ethereal vision onto paper on November 22, 2020. Three downward-pointed triangles and three vesica piscis materialised, forming the foundational structure. The yoni resembled a flame in the centre; however, the luminous essence (light) I had witnessed in my vision remained elusive, a truth not yet ready to be expressed.

I finished the painting on December 16, 2020, and named it Womb of Creation to capture the alchemical gestation period. It felt like something was brewing in the ethers, where the seeds of creation lay dormant, waiting for the auspicious moment for the light to emerge.

During this time, a profound healing and activation journey unfolded for Angelique, intertwined with synchronicities happening collectively and the astrological transits. We exchanged information while I worked on the painting. There was a collective momentum building about the approaching Solstice on December 21, 2020, a focal point for positive change so many longed for after a tumultuous year.

It felt like a closure of old paradigms and belief systems where old wounds needed to be seen and integrated with utmost humility and integrity, as our ego was being tugged from one direction to the other. In my mind's eye, I could sense and see the elemental energy of air - fueling the fire and stirring the water - forming like a tornado to clear, with perfect precision, all that was no longer aligned with self.

It was not until mid-January that I felt called to start the second version of this painting. As I immersed myself in the process, I sensed an incoming new solar energy that felt masculine and was encapsulated within the triplicity of the eights in the middle - with the 8-pointed star, the octagonal, and the wheel with 8-spokes. The upward-pointing cones (masculine) embraced the downward-pointed triangles (feminine), while the scales reminiscent of fish, serpent, or dragon adorned the outer layer, symbolizing protection and the shedding of old skin in the rebirthing process.

Womb Stargate, by Yassica Ferrer, acrylic and genuine gold leaf on canvas panel, 2021

This was just the beginning, and I sensed that as the new solar-masculine energy unfolded, uncertainty and upheaval may accompany its journey in the months and years to come, rattling both the world and our psyche. Yet, amidst the chaos lies the transformative power of inner healing, growth, and change.

“Yassica tapped into my essence and immediately got an almond-like shape, like a throat or a vagina. Unsurprisingly and yet amused by the precision, I could literally feel my central channel activated, the throat, the heart, and the womb during our distant meeting on Oct 19th. Alignment straightening.” - Angelique Peigne

Navigating the Collective Healing Journey

The essence captured within the two paintings transcends the individual realm, offering a multilayered portrayal of personal transformation and the collective journey that unfolded as 2020 drew to a close and 2021 began. As a collective, we were all impacted by the changes that unfolded in 2020, and therefore, the focus gradually shifted from the singular to the collective, mirroring a broader societal shift in consciousness.

Amidst this collective evolution, the ego seeks to assert itself, fighting to gain ownership, feel special, and label itself as such. Yet, in the intricate tapestry of existence, we come to realize that the archetypal wisdom inherent within each of us manifests uniquely, shaped by our individual paths and experiences.

A profound healing process is set into motion through the external manifestation of our internal landscapes depicted in these artworks. Hidden within the depths of our unconscious, dormant wisdom is stirred, activated, and brought forth from the shadows into the light. This energetic shift and transformation creates space for the revelation of previously obscured truths, allowing them to emerge into consciousness.

This process unfolds across multiple energetic levels and will vary in space-time. Higher frequencies move quicker than denser frequencies, so the pace of this evolution varies from individual to individual, spanning minutes, days, months, or years. The key is to trust that it is unfolding, and the universe (the one verse that is you) has an extraordinary way of revealing the synchronicities.

The individual's healing journey holds profound implications for the collective consciousness, activating ancient memories that reverberate throughout the whole. As such, this process is inherently organic, unfolding in the present moment with a nonlinear trajectory. It is nonlinear because we heal the past and create the future in the present moment.

Exploring Cosmic Insights

In this section, I share insights that can serve as entryways into further research if you are interested in exploring further as it relates to your personal journey.

Since unveiling my paintings three years ago, my understanding and appreciation of astrology have significantly shifted. When I learned that Western astrology has been drifting further and further away from astronomic reality for the past 2200 years, I started to follow the actual positions of stars and planets as observed from Earth, whether through direct observation, planetariums, or sky observation apps on our phones. This shift has deepened my resonance and alignment with the cosmos and my true self.

Astrological observations and interpretations will vary depending on the system followed and where one is on their journey. While I won't offer interpretations here, I invite you to explore practices that bridge the connection between the canopy of stars above and the Earth, such as biodynamic farming, spagyrics, and accurate (true) sidereal astrology. These practices can serve as entryways into further research and exploration on your personal journey.

Furthermore, I've recently encountered intriguing perspectives on Saturn within ancient mysticism and astrology that have begun to resonate with me, referring to Saturn as feminine. While I won’t delve deeply into this topic here, I may revisit and expand upon it in the future. Consider subscribing to stay updated on future explorations.

In hindsight, the Great Conjunction of 2020, a momentous alignment of Jupiter (Yang) and Saturn (Yin) on the Solstice, seems especially significant, along with the triple conjunction with Mercury (communication) in mid-January. These celestial events are relevant to my paintings and coincided with a collective shedding of unbalanced structural paradigms, unveiling truths, and paving the way for a new era of expanded consciousness for humanity.

As we contemplate the cosmic dance unfolding, we must recognise the intricate symbolism embedded within the Womb Stargate. The triple aspect is woven throughout the artwork, manifested in the three vesica piscis, creating the three conifer shapes pointing upwards and the three descending triangles. In addition, the triple facets of the Eight are nested together in the 8-spoked wheel, the octagonal geometric shape, and the 8-pointed star.

These symbols hold deep significance, resonating with personal experiences and broader spiritual concepts. For example, the 8-spoked wheel comes from a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session in 2018, where I journeyed through the process of my soul's incarnation on Earth to the point of conception. Later, I discovered parallels between this symbol and the rosette, a symbol for the sun, or more precisely, its cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, depicting passages from one state of existence into another.

Furthermore, the relationship between the 3s and the 8s invites us to explore the profound interplay between numerology and geometry. I encourage you to explore, perhaps starting with the insightful book Quadrivium: the four classical liberal arts of number, geometry, music, and cosmology published by Wooden Books.

Additionally, consider exploring the teachings of the Womb Medicine Wheel in the book Womb Awakening by Azra and Seren Bertrand, a spiral journey through eight gateways into the womb of creation. This spiral journey through eight gateways into the womb of creation beautifully mirrors the essence captured in The Womb Stargate, reaffirming the archetypal nature and the connection between the womb and throat area.

In The Great Cosmic Mother by Monica Sjoo & Barbara Mor, I share below an excerpt depicting the elemental power of Water and Fire in creation, offering profound insights into our interconnectedness with the cosmos.

“Priestesses guarded the water supplies, as well as the sacred fires. This was true in even Roman times, where the priestesses were called Vestal Virgins. Water springs, originating deep in the earth, were believed to have magic and healing powers. And fire was the fertilizing power of the moon, the sacred flame representing the moon’s light. Torches, candles, and bonfires were burnt to help keep the moon’s fertilizing light shining. The bonfires, torch procession, and cable burning at Christmas time originate in these fire-rituals of the Goddess.” (p.156)

Personal anecdotes are embedded in my writing, interweaving the journeys of Angelique and me. We are all born from a womb, aligned with the stars at birth, journeying on Earth together, learning from each other, and helping each other connect with our true essence.

Visual Compilation by Yassica Ferrer

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