The Venusian Doorway

Updated: Nov 7


The Venusian Doorway is a gateway that represents the infinite cycles of death and rebirth for those who walk the path of initiation. The initiates’ journey begins as a spiritual descent - into the body, the psyche, and Earth consciousness. As the initiate passes through the doorway, they are met with ‘truth’ and are taken on a magical voyage into the multidimensional realms of perception where we ascend into the celestial energies of universal awareness. The journey is reminiscent of womb healing to create a rebirth of consciousness both within and without.

As Venus journeys around the Earth every 8 years, her orbit moves in a beautiful geometric 5-pointed flower/star shape as she transitions between morning star and evening star. Venus’ journey symbolizes our dualistic nature as well as our evolution through a path of initiation in a continual death and rebirth cycle. Venus connects to the heart chakra of the body, where the lower world meets with the upper world, and reveals to us the beauty, love, and compassion that resides within.


The golden arc line appeared in my mind’s eye during a client, Heather Montgomery’s, healing session, on March 1, 2021. Heather felt the healing as a gentle ringing in her ears that related to her clairaudient abilities. As the image came through, my first impressions were the spirit energy of the horse (as a horseshoe) and the Omega symbol. I sketched the image to show Heather and it reminded her of the Arc Line in Kundalini Yoga.

Sketch & Notes by Yassica Ferrer

The rest of the image unfolded on March 8, 2021, while in deep meditation. The 5-pointed star appeared above the arc line in my mind’s eye when I asked ‘within’ what else I needed to know about the arc line. I used geometry to begin the design on paper and found that a second arc line was hidden in the design. The bottom represents the underworld, the world of our ancestors, and the womb of Earth. The deeper we descend into our body and Earth consciousness, the greater we can ascend and access universal creative energy.

The horse symbolism, I learned, has been associated with both burial rites and birth – with individuals riding into and out of the world upon it. The Omega also symbolizes endings and is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. According to kundalini yoga teachings, the 6th body is the Arc Line, a halo that stretches around the forehead, earlobe to earlobe. It is said that women have an extra arc line that runs from nipple to nipple and assists in bonding with an infant. A healing journey was unfolding for Heather throughout the weeks as we exchanged information while I worked on the painting. The synchronicities around the transit of Venus at the time of the drawing and painting process are quite extraordinary as she was transitioning from evening to morning star.

"This work is the result of a soul plan healing that Yassica created from my numerology and represents the archetype of cyclic renewal between death and rebirth. Her readings are incredibly insightful using sacred geometry representing the secret form of the Divine. Her images represent thought symbolised in form and her work is out of this world." - Heather Montgomery, Black Cygnet Wellness

Background research compiled by Yassica Ferrer