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Embracing All Parts of You

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

This symbol is about integrating the aspects (or parts) of you that were not allowed to be embraced – the shadow aspects as well as the light.

Start by tracing, in your mind’s eye or with open eyes, the blue line from left to right as you loop around the bottom holding within the shadow aspects that you want to embrace, transmute, and integrate for healing; and then take it up around the higher loop (the higher realms) of pure light.

For example, if you are working with something physical (like an injury), a disease, or an emotion place it within the bottom loop and then take it up to the higher realms (upper loop) for healing. Use your imagination; whether in mediation or in any way you feel called to use this symbol let yourself be guided as to what this may be.

The healing is meant to address the underlying cause of what has manifested physically in your reality. It may come as a level of awareness, an insight, a memory, a feeling, etc. It could be something that you are not consciously aware of and you may therefore need to set the intention and let your intuition and feelings guide you. Ask your higher self, guides, angels, or what you resonate with to help you if needed.

There are higher healing frequencies that we access and channel through our body (vessel) to help heal ourselves and others; however we also carry the spark of divine light within us. For many this light is tiny or dim, and it needs to be ignited. It may be covered and buried under layers of negativity, fear, guilt, shame, insecurities, or anything else that may represent the shadow aspects that occupy space within our ‘vessel’.

If we never address these ‘parts’ and continue to overshadow the light then they could manifest as physical ailments and disease. There is always light in darkness and the key is to nourish this light so it grows and shines; in order to find the balance within.

As we start clearing these aspects (or parts) of ourselves, it becomes easier to embrace them in order to release or integrate them as part of who we are to be-coming more whole. We come home to ourselves, our true self, in our fullest expression. The greater our divine spark of light grows and shines within and without, the easier it is for us to heal because we can see clearly, we can feel clearly, we can speak clearly, and we can embrace with ease and acceptance the transition to be-coming the best version of ourselves.

The more we heal and clear our energy, the more we raise our frequency and the more effective the healing can be. We have an array of spiritual technologies, healing modalities, healing interventions, and amazing advancements in medicine that are all helpful and very much needed to complement our own healing. We are still learning how to heal ourselves and learning what we are capable of and therefore the use (application) of external support is needed.

However, it is also important to remember that we do not always need these things because we are capable of healing ourselves. There is a collective belief of unworthiness, co-dependency, and fear that needs healing as well. As we learn (or re-learn this wisdom) we do so by trusting our intuition and knowing when to seek help and when to listen within for the answers. There is no right or wrong way; there is no good or bad; better or worse – there just is; and it is what you choose that is right for you at this present moment.

*Artwork finished by Yassica Ferrer on August 13, 2019 using watercolor pencils and acrylic paint. The symbol appeared earlier this year in February, but I was inspired to bring it forward to the public after seeing a friend who had melanoma on the left side of the neck. 

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