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The Pulsing Network of Creative Energy

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Finding the Beauty in Life

When I was eight years old, my grandfather passed away. He lived in Argentina, and my family lived in New York. Before he died, he asked to see his children, so my father hopped on the next flight to Argentina. When he arrived at the hospital, my grandfather said a few words and then closed his eyes and passed away.

When I heard this story, I remember thinking, what a beautiful way to die, to be able to wait for your loved ones to arrive and then close your eyes when you are ready to go. His death was so beautiful to me that I felt I wanted to one day die that way too. I also wanted to choose the moment I closed my eyes as I looked at my own family and the life I had created. As a child, I took on this memory as a positive imprint to carry on my life’s journey.

Many years later, my father told me that my grandmother had also passed away similarly before I was born. She was ill in bed for about a month, and during that time, the family would ask her if she wanted to gather the family around. She would respond, "No, I will let you know when it is time”. When the time arrived, she asked everyone to gather. When everyone was in the room, she said her parting words. When she was ready, she closed her eyes and transitioned.

Ingrained in my cellular memory is knowing when it is our time to leave the physical body and transition. We may not be consciously aware of it, but we know when it is our time at a very deep level. Everyone knows. Even when things may seem to happen by accident, there are no accidents. There are only choices. We make these choices before coming to Earth, so this is why at a deep soul level, we know.

A few years ago, I had a healthy and nourishing conversation with my mother about her death. She told me about her near-death experience as a child. Her experience was so beautiful that she did not want to come back to her life, but she was told by those she met in the afterlife that she had to return. Ever since that experience, she has never been afraid to die. As her daughter, I feel inner peace knowing this about my mother.

The energetic imprints that reside within my cells from my parents and ancestors are ones that I am happy to carry and nurture. The more I experience life, both in the worldly and the spiritual, the more I understand that there is only life. The pulsing network of creative energy is life itself as we transition from one form to the next.

Embracing the Impermanence of Life

Death is a transformation, a transition from one form to the next. In our third-dimensional reality, the transition can happen in seconds or take years; it is perceived as unfolding in linear time. There is a perceived beginning, and there is a perceived end.

We are continuously transforming as we say goodbye to something that brings a change in our lives. We are consciously aware of some changes and some that we are not; however, we are making life and death decisions every day. Every day we transform while we continue living through all these changes, whether in the regeneration of cells or major life decisions.

The Cycles of Life

Creative energy moves around like a spiral, and I have found that comets seem to be a great analogy. They come around for us to observe and experience, but it is not an occurrence in exact repetition. There is always a slight change in its form and path. They sometimes crash into something that changes their form completely, and when this happens, the pattern then ends, and a new pattern emerges from the new form(ation) of energy.

I see the comet as a beautiful metaphor of our cycles of healing, where a repetitive limiting belief shows up in various ways throughout our lives. When we heal, the pattern finally comes to an end. We then see a new reality and way of living unfold. We could say the same of the cycles within our collective consciousness. We are currently living through a transition into a new cycle predicted and talked about far and wide; and by many ancient cultures.

When we heal, the ‘old’ energy no longer exists in the same vibrational frequency or pattern, so the energy untangles and falls apart. As the pattern ends and a new one emerges, that finds a new way of living in a new form of energy. Each cycle (or pattern) comes around with more layers of information that makes the experience unique.ence unique.

Navigating Dimensional Spaces

Creative energy takes on many forms and in many-dimensional spaces to create the experience of change. We exist in many vibrational frequencies and take on the various form(ation)s within those spaces, all of which are accessed within the present moment. The closest analogy I have heard is how we tune in to different radio frequencies. The key is to learn how to access and navigate these spaces.

One way that I access higher frequencies is through sound, which then takes me into profound silence. I use sound to open up the gateways to my inner worlds. I first learned the sounds of the chakras, but very soon after, I learned that I intuitively knew the sounds that were unique to me. I let them come out of me as they arrived. I do not think about them or try to control them. I just let them flow. As I change, evolve, and grow on my path the sounds are changing and evolving with me as well.

Allowing creative energy to flow and guide us without having to control the outcome is how we enter our heart space. I have found that group settings are excellent gateways for me as I feel held in a "safe" space to let go and allow creative energy to flow with ease. Connecting with other high vibrational souls amplifies my vibration and frequency. I am able to reach deeper states of connection within myself.

Other group settings, for example, could be attending a Gong Bath, practicing Chi Kung, or joining meditation circles, to name a few. Teachers, mentors, guides, and friends have helped me navigate and orient myself when I have found the path difficult, but I always find my unique way to do the same. The key is to allow creative energy to carve your own path even if nothing in your external world mirrors it or validates it.

When we tune in to these higher frequencies, we access information referred to as wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge that is timeless and available to everyone. No one owns or is the originator of knowledge. There are frequencies and levels of consciousness that have not been accessed yet. There are souls on this Earth currently raising their vibration to access these frequencies and leave records for others (and future generations) to guide them and help them discern their own reality and truth. We are all on different yet similar paths.

Honoring the Transition Period While Going Through Change

Tuning-in helps us honor the transition period from one form to the next – from one “death” to the next. There is a greater change going on right now that is so radical that we cannot see yet where it is taking us, but we can feel it at a very deep level. When we try to see it, we lose sight of what we feel. If we focus on the blind spot, this will only bring up a spectrum of fear. The more we fear change, the more we try to control it instead of going with it. Like death, we cannot see when it will happen, but we can feel it at a very deep level.

Surrendering to the process, to what is going on around us, while not knowing where it is taking us does not mean we relinquish responsibility. It means we take responsibility and trust that we are looked after – not by an external force, but by our Self. The level of trust we have in how things unfold reflects the depth of connection within ourselves. When we surrender fully, we trust fully in ourselves. In this space, there is no room for doubt. We can see clearly.

The more we trust and deepen our connection, the shorter the gap between intuition and action. Once these two have come together, we are fully in the present moment. Intuition is the inner compass that creates our outer reality. Therefore, the more aligned we are with our intuition, the better we understand our body, memories, and traumas (and those of our ancestors). Our inner communication system sharpens, and we can listen to what it tells us.

When we take time to listen, we start opening all channels of communication with every cell in our body. The cells in our body respond, and we start to see clearly the many-dimensional layers through which energy communicates. We no longer believe what others tell us. We can know "truth" for ourselves. We listen and discern.

The more people start discerning and listening to their inner voice, the clearer the collective voice becomes. This is how we change the collective reality. This is how we create the new paradigms we want to live in. This is how we align with the best version of ourselves in conjunction with Earth. This is how we align and evolve as a collective whole.

Communicating With an Old Friend

We can communicate with all living things, including viruses. A virus is a form of energy that has its own frequency and vibration. We can engage and communicate with it and listen to it. A virus is energy, just like you, just like your thoughts, and like other energy formations that thousands of people die from every year, and thousands of people heal from every year.

A virus is a trigger that unmasks the root cause of dis-ease. As a global community, I believe we are so disconnected from ourselves that we fear the very thing that helps us live. If more of us understood what this global situation is teaching us, what lessons we need to learn, and what it is unmasking within ourselves, we would not be acting out of fear, and we would not be in isolation.

We are trying to control something that does not want to be controlled. We are trying to kill or contain something that does not want to be destroyed or captured. When we fight a war against anything, we make it grow stronger, leading to more of the same situation. We are giving our energy to something that cannot be destroyed, but it can be changed. How a virus evolves depends on how we evolve and interact with ourselves.