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The Ancient Future

Updated: Dec 1, 2022


The Ancient Future represents the inner and outer cycles of infinite creative energies. It is a healing journey that continues to unfold and reveal itself in the present moment, through our ancestors’ wisdom and our future lineages. It mirrors humanity’s journey throughout time and space in perpetual movement in every breath we take. We access all our (multidimensional) forms to heal, change, and create in the present moment while grounded on Earth and living the human experience.


The truncated pyramid with the circular energy on either side appeared in my mind’s eye during a client, Laura Mills’, healing session on March 10, 2021. My impression was the nose with healing energy circulating inward clearing and healing around the head. This was related to her ‘psychic sense of smell’.

Sketch by Yassica Ferrer

The rest of the image unfolded on May 1, 2021, while in deep meditation, asking ‘within’, “What do I need to know about the breath and the collective breath?” The initial image of the spinning circular energy appeared again, and it started to extend upwards and out creating what felt like swans, but also horns that I usually associate with the celestial beings Hathors. The gold vertical line represents Heaven (celestial energies) coming down and meeting (anchoring into) the gold horizontal line (Earth) via our breath through the nose.

The Ancient Future by Yassica Ferrer (Upside Down)

Laura is from New Zealand. When I showed her the sketch in my notebook, it reminded her of the Koru in Maori art and culture. As I started the drawing and painting process, I also saw the Lyre, which conjured up feelings of sound healing frequencies, and reminded me of the Lyra constellation. The Swans reminded me of the constellation of Cygnus and led me to research their symbolism with the swan priestesses and womb healing rituals. I felt the elemental energies of creation through air and water. When I turned the painting upside down, I saw the Nommo as depicted by the Dogon Tribe in their creation stories.

The painting was finished on June 24, 2021 (full moon) and it can be used as a tool for deep ancestral healing and awakening the power of Self.

The Ancient Future was featured in The College of Psychic Studies' Virtual Exhibition Insipiration from the Invisible on November 9, 2021.

Background research compiled by Yassica Ferrer

Playing With Pattern

The Ancient Future was shortlisted and was featured in The College of Psychic Studies' Virtual Exhibition Insipiration from the Invisible on November 9, 2021.

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