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Right Eye Healing - The Divine Masculine

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

On November 15, 2019, while in deep meditative space I asked for an image that would represent the divine masculine healing energies for the Right Eye. The shape of a ‘leaf’ unfolded in my mind’s eye.

While I was in this meditative space, I felt I was in a resting period for my inner feminine. It was time for her to rest and be held so she could get ready to birth in the Spring. The feminine and the masculine energies started to merge and spin around my heart. I was then transported into the spiral (portal of my heart) where I felt the central pillar of my body aligned and full of light. The energies felt merged, balanced, and connected.

Right Eye Healing by Yassica Ferrer

I live in England, so the time of the year when I had this vision was in Autumn. A time when the leaves are falling from the trees. There is so much symbolism connected to leaves that I have found fascinating. They can be symbols of growth and rebirth, of life and energy, of death and sadness, but the one I am most drawn to for this painting is the leaf as a symbol for the journey of the soul, where death is not the end, but the beginning of new life and experiences. When the leaf withers and dies, it provides the nutrients for the soil and the trees and is then reborn in a new form.

Not only are leaves a source of nourishment, but they also serve as a warm and protective 'blanket' for other plants to rest and be held throughout the winter. I remember when growing up in New York, my parents would form beds from the fallen leaves around the rose bushes and other plants to keep the soil from freezing.

Our inner masculine energy is very similar in that it serves as a source of nourishment and a safe ‘container’ for our inner feminine creative and watery energies (emotions) to feel supported. If our inner masculine is unbalanced, our creative nature gets blocked, dispersed, and ungrounded. We cannot flow freely and birth new things if we feel threatened, controlled, or hurried.

A couple of weeks after the vision of the leaf, I went to the Tutankhamun exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery in London on November 28, 2019. I understood the design of the 'leaf' when I saw the statue of Ptah. I was instantly transported into another life memory. Ptah was the inspiration for the design of the leaves for my painting because I saw it on his skin as feathers. Feathers also hold so much symbolism.

Photo of a statue of Ptah at the Tutankhamon Exhibition on November 28, 2019 by Yassica Ferrer

Ptah was known in Ancient Egypt as the god who breathed life into everything. He was the creator of the physical universe and his wife was Sekhmet. He was associated with fertility and building (architecture). He was also known to be the catalyst to a soul’s rebirth in the afterlife, through a ceremony called the opening of the Mouth. In his hands, he holds the symbols of stability (djed), life (ankh) and power (wes sceptre).

When I finished the painting and looked at it from a distance, the leaves looked like sperm to me swimming towards the egg. The reproductive parts of the male can be found in the love-heart shape that serves as “the container”. It was only after finishing the painting that I could see these images and they reminded me of a vision/experience in a QHHT session. When I speak to others about this painting I learn of other perspectives, emotions, and visuals that provide clues and insights into a soul’s journey, psyche, and healing.

The Right Eye Healing took nearly a year to emerge and finish after The Left Eye Healing which focused on the divine feminine energies. There was a lot of inner healing that unfolded for me in that time and for my family and ancestors.

I feel that these two paintings side by side tell the story of two lovers reuniting in balance and harmony - traveling together on the ebb and flow of creative energy.

Soul Plan Insights

I am a Soul Plan Practitioner, so I love finding the numerical symbolism within the 22 soul plan archetypal energies. Interestingly, in Soul Plan, the right eye is connected to the energies of #2 and this energy is about wisdom and support. When in balance, this energy is resilient and helps a person hold an objective perspective while being able to see the big picture. A person will also demonstrate great empathy, love, and compassion. When this energy is not in balance, it can manifest as oversensitivity, insecurity, lack of ambition, and confidence. A person can also be prone to allergies.

There are 12 ‘leaves’ which numerically has its deep significance as well. I did not plan on having 12 leaves but this is what happened. In Soul Plan the #12 is about love and knowledge. It is also very expansive energy in that it is always reaching out for the Divine. A person working with this energy in the positive has a great desire to learn and to share through teaching. They have a mothering quality because of the depth of love they have to share with the world. They are very romantic and successful in a harmonious and balanced way. When not in balance, it can manifest as fear of failure, fanatical, and excessive. A person can be prone to gall bladder issues.

Soul Plan Healing Affirmation

I am perfectly safe and I am perfectly protected. Deep in my essence lies an inner balance. Deep in my heart lies growing wisdom.

Visual compilation by Yassica Ferrer

* Right Eye Healing by Yassica Ferrer, February 8, 2020, Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas panel 12″ x 16″. All images are copyrighted © by Yassica Ferrer.

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