Right Eye Healing - The Divine Masculine

Updated: Aug 10

When you look at this image, what do you see? What does it remind you of? What do you feel?

Healing to Embody the Divine Masculine

On November 15, 2019, while in a deep and beautiful meditative space I saw the ‘leaves’ representing the energies of the masculine. I had asked the question. I then went to see the Tutankamun exhibit for my birthday later that month and when I saw the statue of Ptah, I was moved by his 'skin'. There was a sense of recognition as if I too had worn the same skin. I knew at that moment that they were the leaves for my painting.

It was now time for the feminine to rest, to be held, and to get ready to birth in the spring. In that time of rest, they merge and spinned around my heart. I was then transported in the spiral where I only felt the center pillar of my body. I was merged, balanced, and felt connected. This vision was the inspiration to Light of Awareness.


When we choose to step into the divine feminine, as men and women, we must also take responsibility for any unhealed wounded masculine energies within us. When the masculine energy is out of balance we may see it projected outwardly in many forms; such as aggression, anger, and control. When in balance, the masculine energy serves as a container so that it supports and allows for our intuitive and nurturing energies to flourish.

The right eye is related to the divine masculine energies. Althought his energy is not gender specific because we all have the masculine energy within us, I am particularly interested in this energy within women. In the world we live in, it is the women who give birth to the men. If we have an unbalanced masculine within, we will be passing this on to our children. Our cells carry the memory of our ancestors and they also pick up energetic signals from our environment that form part of our learnt behavior as children.

When I embarked on a deep inner journey I undercovered trauma from my maternal lineage. This trauma left an emotional imprint (memory) that I carry in my cells through my mother’s womb (and she within her mother’s womb). When I became consciously aware of the trauma, I started to experience the emotional wound (anger) as it manifested outwardly in many ways which surprised me. I understood I was healing a lineage; possibly many.

When we carry the vibrational frequency of a trauma within, we will see it manifest in our external world in others who are a match, or we may draw certain situations into our lives that are similar, until we learn the lesson it was meant to teach us. We can then look at it all with compassion and gratitude.

The more (and deeper) we heal ourselves, the further we reach our lineages (past and future); and the greater impact we have on the collective so we can step comfortably into higher awareness, embracing greater levels of consciousness, rising above duality, and step into a new paradigm of being.

Last year I was called to go into the dark spaces (ancestral) in order to learn to witness them through patience, acceptance, surrender, self-love, and gratitude.

It took nearly a year after I received the Left Eye Healing symbol in March 2019 to receive the Right Eye Healing symbol. I needed to go through the healing process myself first – like an initiation of sorts - and I was tested multiple times. It has been one of my favorite healing journeys (although a very challenging one) because of the incredible freedom it offers me.

The Right Eye Healing works well when looked at with the Left Eye Healing as a symbol of Balance & Harmony.

Soul Plan Inspiration

In Soul Plan, the right eye is connected to the energies of #2 and governed by the polarity of wisdom and folly. This energy is about wisdom and support. When in balance one is resilient and can hold an objective perspective while able to see the big picture. One will also demonstrate greate empathy, lvoe and compassion. When this energy is not in balance, we may be oversesitive, insecure, lack ambition and confidence. They may also be prone to allergies.

Soul Plan Healing Affirmation

I am perfectly safe and I am perfectly protected. Deep at my essence lies an inner balance. Deep in my heart lies a growing wisdom.

*Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas panel 12″ x 16″. All images are copyrighted © by Yassica Ferrer.

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