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Left Eye Healing - The Divine Feminine

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Channeled Guidance

Left Eye Healing by Yassica Ferrer, March 2020

After healing all that kept her feeling isolated and disconnected, and after healing all that blocked her from feeling safe and secure, she was now ready to step forward with more confidence and strength in order to receive fully from Source. Her foundations (the divine masculine) are now stable. They serve as a container, held safely in love, while she navigates the unknown.

While the path may twist and turn; and at times she may not be able to see where she is going, she connects within, into that space where connection has always existed. With trust, she opens her heart to fully receive and be guided. She trusts her intuition and surrenders to the process. It may feel like she is going in ‘blind’, but her eyes are wide open.


The image arrived as a vision on March 26, 2019. It reminded me of the Left Eye of Horus in Egyptian mysticism, where the left eye is associated with feminine and intuitive energies. However, it came through when I was connecting, in meditation, with Arcturian healing energy which I believe is linked to Egyptian lineages. The vision arrived in my mind's eye. That month of March I attended a healing circle that set the intention to work with and connecting to Arcturian healing energy.

A couple of months later, in May 2019, I met up with a friend in London. I noticed she kept touching her left eye and she mentioned that it had been bothering her. After seeing her, I felt called to draw the image of the left eye. I drew it thinking of her and when I showed it to her she said that her eye had been feeling better since that morning.

I published the original drawing on June 7, 2019 (see original drawing) and this drawing is what kick-started healing work with others through art.

Balancing the Emotional Body

This image helps balance our emotions and feelings. When our emotional body is in balance, we feel less fear and can therefore continue to grow and evolve. Things to reflect on: What do you see? How does it make you feel? Any emotions come up for you? Whatever comes up for you is what you are meant to reflect on and heal. I invite you to follow the curvy lines with your eyes or trace them with your finger.

Soul Plan Insights

In Soul Plan, the left eye is connected to the energy of the 11(2) and is governed by the polarity of life and death. This energy is about assimilation, structure, and harmony. When in balance it is adaptive and supportive; and helps us assimilate concepts with ease and expand on them. We also seek truth and are able to see truth more clearly; and are therefore more emotionally resilient. When this energy is not in balance, we may find challenges in dealing with loss, avoiding goals, exhibiting fear of failure, and lack of resilience. The celestial body associated with this energy is Venus.

Soul Plan Healing Affirmation

I am fully supported and can only succeed for my soul knows only freedom.

After working on the Divine Masculine (Right Eye) Healing art, I felt called to re-do the Left Eye Healing to be able to put them side by side. In honor of the feminine mothering energy that we all embody (men and women), I published the painting on March 22, 2020, which was Mother's Day in the UK and was also an #11(2) master day (2+2+3+2+2). As a mother of two boys, I am reminded of the importance of teaching them to embrace and embody their intuitive nature.

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