A Rebirth of Consciousness

Updated: Oct 22


The Womb of Creation and the Womb Stargate were channeled during a 4-month period from October 2020 through February 2021. They were initially meant to be one painting, but in the process, I felt a clear energetic demarcation before and after the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, that took place on the Solstice of December 21, 2020, a time that was depicted as a portal. The paintings depict the journey of birthing a new way of living, perceiving, and sensing.

The Womb of Creation, finished on December 16, 2020, represents the Earth elements of water and fire coming together in the cosmic womb. It is in the belly of Earth - in our psyche, in our consciousness - where creation is in the process of being alchemized within the dream of the dreamer. In the depths of darkness, in the womb, there is a spark of light waiting to be birthed.

The Womb Stargate, finished on February 5, 2021, represents the cosmic energies of the Lunar and Solar, or Divine Mother and Divine Father. It is in the union of the feminine and masculine, both within and without, that births forth a new expression of ourselves. An expression that is new and different, and one that we are yet to discover and learn from.

The Creative Process

Sketch by Yassica Ferrer

On October 19, 2020, I set the intention to channel a symbol for Angelique's healing and activation. I felt strong kundalini energy rising and my throat fluttered briefly as I ‘tuned in’. A petal-like shape appeared in my mind’s eye that looked like a multilayered vagina (yoni) with a bright light shining out from within. I felt the image also resembled, or was synonymous with, the throat - as a channel of vocal expression.

I used geometry to begin the design on paper on November 22, 2020. What emerged were three downward pointed triangles and three vesica piscis. The yoni resembled a flame in the center; however, I was not able to capture the light shining out from within that I had seen in my vision. The light was not ready to be birthed. I felt moments of frustration and joy, but I knew this version was finished so the process came to a close on December 16, 2020. It felt like something was brewing in the ethers but more layers of wounded masculine energy needed healing in the gestation period before the light could emerge.

A healing journey was unfolding and activating for Angelique throughout the weeks as we exchanged information and synchronicities while working on the painting. The synchronicities with her journey, the collective, and the astrological transits were extraordinary. It felt as if we could all relate on a deep primal or archetypal level with the collective energies that were culminating around the Solstice (December 21, 2020).

At the time, it also felt like a closure of old paradigms and belief syst