A Rebirth of Consciousness


The Womb of Creation and the Womb Stargate were channeled during a 4-month period from October 2020 through February 2021. They were initially meant to be one painting, but in the process, I felt a clear energetic demarcation before and after the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, that took place on the Solstice of December 21, 2020, a time that was depicted as a portal. The paintings depict the journey of birthing a new way of living, perceiving, and sensing.

The Womb of Creation, finished on December 16, 2020, represents the Earth elements of water and fire coming together in the cosmic womb. It is in the belly of Earth - in our psyche, in our consciousness - where creation is in the process of being alchemized within the dream of the dreamer. In the depths of darkness, in the womb, there is a spark of light waiting to be birthed.

The Womb Stargate, finished on February 5, 2021, represents the cosmic energies of the Lunar and Solar, or Divine Mother and Divine Father. It is in the union of the feminine and masculine, both within and without, that births forth a new expression of ourselves. An expression that is new and different, and one that we are yet to discover and learn from.

The Creative Process

Sketch by Yassica Ferrer

On October 19, 2020, I set the intention to channel a symbol for Angelique's healing and activation. I felt strong kundalini energy rising and my throat fluttered briefly as I ‘tuned in’. A petal-like shape appeared in my mind’s eye that looked like a multilayered vagina (yoni) with a bright light shining out from within. I felt the image also resembled, or was synonymous with, the throat - as a channel of vocal expression.

I used geometry to begin the design on paper on November 22, 2020. What emerged were three downward pointed triangles and three vesica piscis. The yoni resembled a flame in the center; however, I was not able to capture the light shining out from within that I had seen in my vision. The light was not ready to be birthed. I felt moments of frustration and joy, but I knew this version was finished so the process came to a close on December 16, 2020. It felt like something was brewing in the ethers but more layers of wounded masculine energy needed healing in the gestation period before the light could emerge.

A healing journey was unfolding and activating for Angelique throughout the weeks as we exchanged information and synchronicities while working on the painting. The synchronicities with her journey, the collective, and the astrological transits were extraordinary. It felt as if we could all relate on a deep primal or archetypal level with the collective energies that were culminating around the Solstice (December 21, 2020).

At the time, it also felt like a closure of old paradigms and belief systems, old wounds needing to be seen and integrated with utmost humility and integrity, as our ego was being tugged from one direction to the other. Towards the end, I could sense the elemental energy of Air - fueling the Fire and stirring the Water - that was forming like a tornado, to clear, with perfect precision, all that no longer aligned with Self.

It was not until mid-January that I felt called to start the second version of this painting. As I was in the process of drawing and painting, I sensed the incoming of a new solar energy captured in the triplicity of the eights in the middle as Star, Octagonal, and Wheel. The cone shapes pointing upward (sacred masculine) enveloped (held) the triangles pointing downwards (the sacred feminine). On the outer layer, the scales (reminiscent of the fish, serpent, and dragon) are the protective layer of skin, which is also a layer that can be shed - symbolic in the rebirthing process.

The sacred feminine and masculine journey together; each in their unique expression. The masculine serves as the container and the strong foundation so the feminine feels supported while navigating the unknown. Journeying together they both move like waves in the ocean undulating up and down, and in and out with the tide until they ‘settle’ albeit briefly resembling the peaceful waters of the lake.

We do not know what this new union of energy will look like in the months and years to come, so it can create uncertainty and upheaval in our world, in our psyche during the transition (transformation). It has certainly been rattling all aspects of life on Earth and initiating us into the throws of inner healing, growth, and change.

“Yassica tapped into my essence and immediately got an almond-like shape, like a throat or a vagina. Unsurprisingly and yet amused by the precision, I could literally feel my central channel activated, the throat, the heart, and the womb during our distant meeting on Oct 19th. Alignment straightening.” - Angelique Peigne https://www.angeliquepeigne.com/

The Collective Quantum Energy Field

The paintings capture the multilayered manifestation of the individual and the collective journey at the close of 2020 and the start of 2021. As the healing journey unfolds for us all, it is less and less about the individual (personal) and more and more about the collective. In the process, the ego fights to gain ownership, to feel special, and labels itself as so, but in the end, we learn that the archetypal information is within all of us, only expressed differently due to our unique paths.

As the individual becomes aware, through the visual (external) representation of what is going on internally, there is a healing process unfolding where the unconscious (hidden) aspects activate (or bring forth) the wisdom that is buried, trapped, blocked, or lurking in the shadow within. There is an energetic shift and transformation that takes place to make room for information to make itself known (i.e. make itself conscious).

As the process is happening at multiple energetic levels it will vary in space-time. Higher frequencies move quicker than denser frequencies, so the shift can happen in minutes, days, months, or years depending on each individual. The key is to trust that it is unfolding, and the universe (the one verse that is you) has an extraordinary way of revealing the synchronicities.

The healing of the individual impacts and activates an ancient remembrance that is shaping the greater whole. Thus, the process is very organic, of the moment, and nonlinear. It is nonlinear because we are healing the past and creating the future in the present moment.


In astrology, Jupiter and Saturn are referred to as masculine and we find in mythology that they are depicted as the Father and Grandfather, respectively. I found their presence timely during the Great Conjunction of 2020 helping us ‘shed’ and heal our wounded masculine aspects in order to usher in a new cycle for humanity - a rebirth of consciousness.

I recently learned that after the Great Conjunction, came the Triple Conjunction with Mercury in mid-January. And while writing this post in July 2021, I found a post by Adam Sommer titled “Cultivating Spirit, Feeding Soul” from December 20, 2020, where I was pleasantly surprised to read the following:

“The three share more than a bloodline, they also seem to have an inclination for triangles. With Mercury, he likes to draw them with his retrogrades...With Jupiter and Saturn, they too trace triangles in Triplicities, but in much longer swathes of time. Where Mercury does it in just over a year, Jupiter/Saturn do so over two centuries. Tomorrow, they officially begin a stretch of Air conjunctions which will last until long after we have gone. Why does this matter? What is the point? Well, we are dealing with divine timekeepers, and being they are both shifting into Air around the same time, it begs our attention a bit. We should tune our ears to their messages.”

I highly recommended listening to his captivating Podcast and the extraordinary relevance and importance of our time in The Wyrd Conjunction.

The Womb Stargate by Yassica Ferrer

The triple aspect in the Womb Stargate can be found throughout. We can see the triplicity in the three vesica piscis creating the three conifer shapes pointing upwards, the three descending triangles, and the three aspects of the Eight as the Wheel (8-spokes), the Octagonal geometric shape, and 8-pointed Star (Venus as Innana). The relationship between the 3’s and the 8’s is also worth investigating; and I highly recommend the book "Quadrivium: the four classical liberal arts of number, geometry, music, and cosmology", published by Wooden Books.

Another beautiful gem I came across while researching the symbolism and mysticism of these paintings, is the resemblance in the teachings of the Womb Medicine Wheel in the book "Womb Awakening" by Azra and Seren Bertrand, a spiral journey through eight gateways into the womb of creation. The first three gateways confirmed (in the physical) what I initially sensed and saw energetically on October 19, 2020, the link between the vagina and the throat; furthermore confirming the archetypal nature of the image. I share a summary of the first three Grail Gates, keeping with the synchronicities of the triplicities at the end of this article.

In the book, "The Great Cosmic Mother" by Monica Sjoo & Barbara Mor, I share below an excerpt depicting the elemental power of Water and Fire in creation:

“Priestesses guarded the water supplies, as well as the sacred fires. This was true in even Roman times, where the priestesses were called Vestal Virgins. Water springs, originating deep in the earth, were believed to have magic and healing powers. And fire was the fertilizing power of the moon, the sacred flame representing the moon’s light. Torches, candles, and bonfires were burnt to help keep the moon’s fertilizing light shining. The bonfires, torch procession, and cable burning at Christmas time originate in these fire-rituals of the Goddess.” (p.156)

There are personal stories, from both myself and Angelique inter-weaved in all of this, but so are we all born from a womb, and aligned with the stars when we were born, to journey here on Earth together learning from each other and to help each other make our way back home.

Background Research by Yassica Ferrer

Three Grail Gates of the Womb Medicine Wheel

"Womb Awakening" by Azra and Seren Bertrand

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