Yassica Soul Integration (YaSI) Art

YaSI Art is the medium through which sacred archetypes are given form - a medium for the ‘hidden’ to be seen and felt.

The journey begins with a Soul Plan Reading & Grace Clearing (if you haven't had one) or a Soul Plan Hologram/Akashic Reading. In the session, I ask [spirit/soul] for the corresponding healing symbol that represents the healing journey. 

The process of drawing and painting is a very intuitive process that depicts the unfolding of the ‘unseen’ or unconscious aspects that are ready to be seen, felt, and embodied. You are taken on an inner journey of exploration and discovery that will also be reflecting and coinciding with the ebb and flow of the collective energy field. The individual healing story that emerges is private, but the symbol and archetypal representation are universal and can help others. 

Since the images are archetypal and represent the collective energies, they are meant to be shared and made public. The process of drawing and painting uncovers unconscious aspects therefore as time progresses information is revealed and consciousness awakens and expands. The client/viewer will receive, energetically, information that reveals deeper aspects of the Self. The paintings may provide clues into the subconscious and are therefore great tools for self-reflection and healing. 

This offering is unique, organic, and intuitive. The starting price is the cost of a Soul Plan Session £110. Please get in touch if interested and inquire further. 

YaSI Art (Larger).png