Transforming Value

I first came across energy philanthropy in 2017 from Marina Jacobi. I was fascinated by her story and what she was channeling and teaching at the time. It really resonated. One of the many things that stayed with me was her discussions on energy philanthropy. It is the ability to give and receive from the heart without condition or expectation. 

I have also come across similar concepts described by others, where polarities are balanced, and energy exchange comes from a place of neutrality and equality. Therefore, the interaction between people becomes one from the heart. 

The key is to understand the frequency we operate from, which can be challenging at times. We are, therefore, invited to examine our emotions and fears of not having enough, self-worth, fairness, and the difference between wants and needs.

It made sense to me to give from the heart without condition or expecting anything in return. However, it is easier to do for some things than for others if we really think through the money structure we live in and belief systems. Money operates in a linear system and comes with conditions, and it also has a specific frequency. Can we equally give and receive without condition in all areas of our life - from the heart?

When I first heard of energy philanthropy and mentioned it to a few people and teachers that I knew, I would get a flat-out "No" or "No, you cannot do that; you have to charge." Their words were said with such firm conviction that it made me doubt what I felt, and my enthusiasm for this way of working diminished. I kept questioning it over the years. 

During that time, I have observed and experimented with the many ways we use, harness, transform and shift energy, the energy we generate from within and without. The classes I took over the years really helped me understand the feeling and visuals of the energy we generate from emotions and their differences. 

As an energy center in our body, the heart is a pure frequency of love. It is the frequency of abundance. It is also an infinite space. When I connect to this space, it feels expansive and infinite, joyful and giving, yet it also has the strongest boundaries of self-love, regeneration, and receiving. 

Furthermore, I realized that I had been experiencing energy philanthropy throughout my life. Still, I would find it difficult to explain or express since it is mainly experiential. When I tried to explain it, some would comment that I was 'lucky' or 'blessed', or they would automatically think they have to have money and feel secure to operate in this way. 

Life experiences have proven me otherwise, and I have learned that it is about not fearing the unknown and trusting fully by letting go. By doing this, the energy exchange is abundant and shows up in life in many ways.  Gratitude for what we have (even if it has not appeared yet) is at the core of this practice - knowing and trusting that we are abundant by feeling the emotions in the present moment. Gratitude conjures up joy, and joy is love. 

What made me feel uncomfortable over the years was narrowing to an impossible value that linearly attaches conditions, while the services I offered and how I work tap into a quantum or holographic field that is not linear; it transverses time and space. There is no finality, and it is ever-evolving, shifting, and expanding. It felt like I was trying to fit a square peg in a hole. 

This topic of energy philanthropy is triggering and can bring judgment. Many believe that not putting a price on a service is somehow tied to our perception of self-worth, that we may not value our services, time, and talents, or that people will take advantage of us. All these things can happen and do happen; however, the question remains, what frequency are we operating from? And does it matter what frequency others are in? How are you showing up?

Some react by saying they have a family to feed and bills to pay but don't we all? I am not saying that I do not want to earn a living. I do! Still, the comments, perceptions, and beliefs I mentioned above are just that - belief structures, paradigms, fears, and conditions that are so innate to our way of life. I, too, struggle with it at times. It makes it hard to perceive a different way of living, working, and generating abundance through the way we shift energy and its frequency. 

By listing my services as donation-based, I am not saying my services are free from value or cost. In fact, I find my time, talents, and services invaluable. Instead, they are free from the constraints placed on the free flow of energy. The energy is free to allow abundance to show up in its many shapes and forms, including money.  

I am fully embracing this principle as best I can and will see where it leads and how it unfolds. Stay tuned!  Most importantly, I am sharing this heart space with you. Thank you for your contribution, being here on Earth, and being you.

Below I share the etymology of 'energy' and 'philanthropy.' I felt their original interpretation and meaning have more resonance than in recent times. 

- Yassica, May 2022