When We Breathe

Updated: Feb 24

We release what encases us

“She is breathing!” said the tour guide with a big smile on his face as we could see the smoke in the distance rising. We were on Mt. Etna in Sicily and I, too, could feel her breathing.

As I took a deep breath, I could feel her strength and how alive she was. It felt invigorating. We walked around an eruption that was hundreds of years old which was devastating to the local population; and another more recent, in 2001, where experts were able to track the lava flow and redirect it in order to prevent further destruction.

When I went to Mt. Etna on August 30, 2019, I gained a better understanding of the image I had sketched in my notebook a month earlier. While in deep meditation, I had seen a pyramid structure that resembled a mountain and a central tube running through it. At the top was a chalice receiving and releasing the flow of energy as it flowed through this central tube merging the left and the right hemispheres. I was shown another way of viewing the human body, our strength, and our healing potential.

The Earth is alive, she is breathing, and she mirrors our emotions as we do hers. As we transition into a new paradigm we are releasing what no longer serves us. We breathe in what we want to integrate and transform; and we release what no longer serves our highest good. How we navigate through this transition is our choice.

Just like Mt. Etna we can have emotional eruptions that are destructive to us and those around us. We can also ask for help to navigate through the ins and outs of our own traumas, pains, and fears. Change can be confusing and overwhelming for many but it is important to go within, to the depths of our center, where we can tap into our inner compass and anchor ourselves in the present moment. Only then can we maintain a steady flow of energy running through our body, keeping our emotions in balance, and finding our way to our core being where there is light and clarity.

In the artwork above I have tried to capture the breath as we integrate, release, and balance our upper and lower realms; while also balancing and merging the left and the right – the feminine and masculine – as we transition beyond duality to unity.


I saw the image in my mind’s eye on July 15, 2019, while attending a meditation circle. We were connecting with Lyran energy. The meditation led to a series of drawings and experiences that I share in The Merging, When We Breathe, and True Compassion. It also led me to my first crop circle on August 21, 2019. I capture all three paintings in the blog post Transitioning Into A New Paradigm. The art series explores the journey of transformation, release, and rebirth as we transition from a paradigm of duality to one of unity.

* Artwork created by Yassica Ferrer using watercolor pencils and gold leaf.