True Compassion

Updated: Feb 24

We are ready to be rebirthed

After we have been thro

gh the process of integration and release, we are ready to be re-birthed. We are ready to shed our old skin and step into a new reality.

The symbol in this artwork appeared in my mind’s eye on Nov. 8, 2017, with an accompanied channelled message (see below), but I did not understand it at that time. It was not until nearly two years later, on August 20, 2019, while sitting in mediation, and wondering why issues related to the skin (i.e. allergies, vitiligo, skin cancer, etc) surfaced for many, that the symbol appeared again. This time it had the sun above and the sun below. The dot on the left was presented to me as the moon.

As we know, the skin is the first layer of contact with the outside world. Many of our fears can manifest as skin conditions. The underlying theme is that of separation – the separation we experience when we separate from source and are born into our third dimensional human body.

We forget that we are not truly separate. There are many (waves of souls) who are breaking through this veil of illusion now and it can be unsettling. To shift to a new paradigm of unity we must re-member and help each other re-member.

To work with this symbol imagine the line of energy that starts from your right side, cutting across from one ear to the next, clearing anything that may be blocking you from hearing and connecting to your inner compass. Then follow this energy as it makes its way across the body and wraps your lower half to help build the foundations and the strength you will need to birth your creations into existence.

When you turn the image

clockwise, the two suns represent our two physical eyes – the divine feminine and the divine masculine – and the moon is our third eye. For the inner feminine to grow and express herself, the inner masculine must grow in self-belief, self-worth, and self-confidence so that she can feel safe and secure. When we see with all our eyes we see through the illusion and we can observe all perspectives. We learn that there are no victims in this world.

What one experiences is experienced by all. We are learning from each other and re-membering each other. We are all walking each other home. This is true compassion.