Transitioning Into A New Paradigm

Updated: Feb 24

On Earth, we live in a paradigm of duality but what would our reality look like if we shifted into a paradigm of unity?

Below I share a series of images through artwork that explores the journey of transformation, release, and rebirth as we collectively prepare to transition into unity.


The Merging

I felt a wave of energy cut across my body from right to left. It weaved its way from one side to the next wrapping me as it made its way down to my feet. I could feel my arms tightly held close to my body.

As the weaving stopped, I felt contained in a safe and protected space for the healing work to follow. The feminine and the masculine were merging as one.

As I started the drawing, I noticed that I was not working with the infinity symbol to represent this integration. As we transition from duality to unity, symbols we have worked with for centuries may change and new ones may come in to guide us.

The infinity and the yin and yang, for example, are symbols that have helped us reflect on the balance of the feminine and the masculine. However, we can still visibly see the two energies as separate. The new paradigm is now disrupting that balance in order to merge – truly merge into one. How can we come together as a collective if we have not done the inner work to merge all aspects of ourselves as one? Can we let go, surrender, and accept change?

The artwork above reflects this transition period where we are cocooned and transforming; always remembering that we are divinely guided by our higher self. We surrender to the process as we get ready to release what encases us in order to step out and be re-birthed.


When We Breathe

“She is breathing!” said the tour guide with a big smile on his face as we could see the smoke in the distance rising. We were on Mt. Etna in Sicily and I, too, could feel her breathing.

As I took a deep breath, I could feel her strength and how alive she was. It felt invigorating. We walked around an eruption that was hundreds of years old which was devastating to the local population; and another more recent, in 2001, where experts were able to track the lava flow and