Our 50 Trillion Eyes

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

When I was setting up my website and writing the ‘about’ section; I wanted to describe what I meant by our ‘inner sight’. I wrote the following:

Seeing clearly is using all of our intuitive senses – our inner sight. With our inner sight we see through our skin and bones, through our eyes and ears, through our hands and feet, and through our head and heart. Accessing our inner sight means seeing through everything. When we see clearly, we find truth and step fully into our own power.

Then last month, I decided to delete this paragraph because I couldn’t fully understand why I wrote it. I knew it was true, but it felt ‘too weird’ so I decided to delete it – for now – until I was sure. I tend to go through this type of thought process all of the time. I am continuously thinking and silently speaking in my mind wanting to share knowledge to a wider audience, but I usually refrain. I become filled with self-doubt because I have no point of reference.

Having no point of reference is a belief we can take on when we go through life believing we only gain information and knowledge through our external world. Sometimes our cultural and educational environment do not offer a deeper understanding of ourselves as intuitive beings. I had a great education by conventional standards. The education I received at school and University offered me the opportunity to have a great career while travelling the world helping others and learning. However, this was only a fraction of what truly exists until a greater awareness starts to unfold, and that greater awareness is our inner knowledge and wisdom.

When I attended Bruce Lipton’s workshop on The Biology of Belief in London on October 27th, I was overjoyed to learn in great detail the molecular structure of our cells. The moment I saw the magnified picture of the cell’s membrane, I realized that what I wrote above, describing our inner sight, made perfect sense. I also remembered a dream I had, a year ago, where I saw something similar except I was inside and outside a clear bubble with portals. The universe was all around me. As I was viewing this invisible barrier around me I remember feeling a sense of disconnection between who I was on the inside and my self on the outside. In my dream, the person on the outside was trying to reach the person on the inside.

Lipton explained that every single cell in our body has a crystalline-like membrane; nothing can get in or out except through the use of receptor-effector proteins. The outside and inside of our cell membrane is lined with many receptors which act like antennas picking up information (signals) from all around. A ‘channel’ (portal) opens through the membrane to allow information to go in and out of the cell membrane.

What keeps our cells in motion is a source of energy that is outside and inside of our cells. Through my own mindfulness practice, I understand that this source of energy is what we call God (or Universe) and connects us all together; and through various dimensions. Subtle energy exists in multiple ways and can be accessed in multiple ways. We – as individuals, as a collective, and as source – are constantly guiding ourselves.

Our whole body is made up of these single cells, so I envision our human body as one massive moving antenna receiving and emitting information all of the time; or as Bruce Lipton described it best: we have a cooperative community of approximately 50 trillion single-celled citizens. The cell membrane was the perfect visual I needed to understand, from an intuitive healing perspective, how we – as sentient beings – channel energy (information).

I then remembered the following story:

In 1979, when my brother was 18 months old and I was 3 years old, my parents organized a family trip to San Francisco, California. Someone recommended that they go to a restaurant that had spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The restaurant was quite high up and had a beautiful terrace. In one of those terrifying moments which most parents fear, my brother went missing. As they were calling after him, they noticed that there was a small crowd of people gathering at the edge of the terrace.

As my parents approached, they saw that my brother had squeezed his way through the rails and was walking (toddling) along the edge of the building. In that moment they both conjured up some super amazing strength to keep calm and gently call after my brother who slowly toddled his way into their arms. The crowd had kept very still not wanting to make any noises that might scare my brother.

The thought of what could have happened to my brother if he had lost his step or been swept away by a gush of wind or any number of things was a shock to my parents. They have very little memory of the event because it was so shocking to them. I was with my grandparents so I was not a witness to what happened. I had no conscious memory of this visit to San Francisco, but I had heard this story told on a few occasions throughout my life.

A few years after this incident, when I was around 11 years old, we were visiting m