Making Friends With Spirituality

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

I have found that there are as many definitions and feelings towards spirituality as there are people in this world. We each have our unique soul journey and therefore have a unique interpretation of what spirituality means to us. We are continuously contributing our knowing to the collective understanding of spirituality, and as our experiences deepen and broaden, so does our perspective.

I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic schools all throughout my elementary and high school years, so my view of spirituality was initially religious and I found this perspective quite limiting as a young child. While for some, the religious path can be quite expansive, it is important to note that there are many layers to religion as there are layers to the human consciousness. Modern religion is just one layer and it wasn’t until I explored deeper and outside of this ‘layer’, that I could match what I was experiencing and knowing for myself.

I learned early on that the basic teachings of Christianity were no different than many other religions or traditions – that is; that the basic fundamental teaching of love is what unites all. Anything in between is man choosing how they experience truth. I have found that learning about (the) ALL opens the door to experience, and experience opens the door to truth.

I chose to be born into a Catholic family and for me that has been a good starting point; not because it is any better or worse than any other path but because it was my choice – prior to this incarnation – as is everything I have chosen to experience in this lifetime. For this level of awareness, I am now grateful.

However, for most of my life I would feel a sense of resistance to the word ‘spirituality’ because I did not resonate with the experience of those I would meet who were ‘spiritual’ – whether religious or otherwise. What I didn’t know, is that, what I had in common with all these people, was the search for Self. I was searching in my external world to match the inner voice that connected me to a feeling that I was yet to experience, understand, uncover, discover, and re-member.

There were many, many times that I would know information that I felt to be true but there was nothing in my surroundings to verify it. I also knew nothing about meditation back then and how to listen and to trust that inner voice – the clearest voice of wisdom from soul and the intuition that is inherent in all of us. My external voice did not match my inner voice which was yearning to be heard.

My whole self (the higher self) was showing me from a very young age through example and experience. I witnessed, I observed, and I took notes in my mind (as pictures or memories) to record and hold on to so later in life when I would finally understand I could go back and connect the dots. I would know that I always knew. It was now time to start trusting those whispers of truth.

I Would Know That I Always Knew

I was always showing Yassica, guiding her, and teaching her how to be an observer and not get caught up in energies of duality. She didn’t understand most of the time why she felt compelled to do certain things and why she disagreed with the majority on certain issues. She disagreed based on a feeling, but could not quite understand why that feeling was correct. When the majority believed something so strongly it would make her feel that she was always wrong, but this was not true. Yassica knew more truth than she could have imagined possible.

At the age of thirteen, I had the most incredible experience after a family friend died abruptly in a tragic accident. After seeing her at her wake, she came to me (in dream time) and showed me where she was and that she was very happy, in a good place, and with loads of friends around. Through her, I experienced, and was held, in the most beautiful warm energy of light that to this day I can feel as if it happened yesterday. I experienced the light that we all are and that feels like pure and unconditional love.

I never doubted that God existed but I didn’t understand that God was already in me because I had to break down so much of what I had been taught in school and society, through cultural conditioning, and belief systems that taught me that God was an external force (something outside of myself).

What finally cracked me open was not a traumatic event, but carrying the soul energy of my children while pregnant; and also learning to meditate. These wonderful events are what sparked the start of my awakening – each soul energy igniting a different gift that was dormant inside of me. I can still hear the message, “Mummy it is time; get on with it! And one other thing….we are your mirror!”

I ‘found’ spirituality when I was searching for my Self. All of my life I wanted to understand my purpose in this lifetime. I wanted to know truth. I had already experienced it at the age of 13 but did not know how to come back to that experience. When I made a commitment to finding my Self, little did I know that there was nothing for me to find outside of my Self. It was inside of me all along.

Uncovering your true Self

No one becomes spiritual; everyone is spiritual

I have come to understand that “becoming” spiritual refers to someone who is becoming more of themselves – more whole – integrating their many selves. For some, this journey is focused on their earthly life; for others, this journey takes on a multidimensional perspective. I understand and know spirituality as something that we all are (not a religion or an identity that defines a person). There is no "spiritual" community, we are the community. There is no us versus them. We are us. We are spirit. We are spiritual. We are spirituality.

Spirituality is not a path or a destination. It is not a religion or outside a religion. Spirituality permeates every aspect of our existence because we are eternal spiritual beings. Awareness of this being; or, in other words, awareness of our Self is spirituality. When we are unaware, we lack the first-hand experience of our Self and remain in the illusion of feeling separate from others.

When we are born we forget that we are an endless stream of energy taking on the many forms across realms, dimensions and universes. We forget that we are spirit breathing life into our bodies. We have come to Earth to experience the illusion of separation, and what a beautiful illusion it is when we understand what it is and we embrace it knowing we will not experience it the same way again.

An aspect of our self is living (experiencing) human life in each and every one of us here on Earth. There are many aspects of our Self existing in multiple dimensions (beyond time and space as we know it) simultaneously. We have access to our past, present and future simultaneously. What happens when someone "becomes" spiritual is that they awaken to their spirit- Self – their true eternal self. They are an eternal being (an energy) that never dies. When the human body (vessel) stops living; the energy of becomes something else. The body returns to the earth from where it came from and the spirit moves on – through the sun and beyond.

When in deep meditation, I experience myself as an energy that exists in and outside of this physical universe. I enter the physical universe through a portal and take on the many shapes and forms that exist throughout this Universe. I am; who has, is, and will be living many, many lives. My spirit is my spirituality, my journey, my many selves, my story, my unique experience; and my energy (my essence). That which I am, is my contribution to the awakening taken place on Earth as I write this in 2019. It was my choice to come to Earth, I volunteered, I am here, right now, and there is no other place I would rather be than in this present moment.

Does it really matter if all I write today changes from what I write tomorrow? Does it matter if you agree or disagree with my experience, understanding, and definition of spirituality? I am here to share my truth, my experiences, my healing journey and if that helps someone become friends with spirituality then the more friends we have the better this world will become. As I journey through new portals and gates; and dimensions and realms I will continue to grow, evolve and learn.

Who is spirituality?


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