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Healing Unresolved Grief Triggered By Cat Allergies

My husband mentioned on a few occasions that he was allergic to cats, but since I had not seen him around cats yet, or with allergies, I did not believe he was allergic (at least that was my hope!). I love cats and had recently been thinking of getting one. I had a few cats growing up, so I got really excited when a friend asked if I wanted one after her cat had just given birth to eight kittens.

While discussing the possibility of getting a kitten, my husband was very apprehensive. I asked him not to worry because I felt his allergy was not "real." Without knowing why I knew this, I went ahead and got the cat anyway (I know this sounds awful, but please bear with me).

When Brendan Luz arrived at our home on June 4, 2018, sure enough, my husband's allergies started to act up. After a few days, he got progressively worse, and I began to feel really awful for bringing Brendan to our home. By the end of the week, my husband wanted to visit the doctor to prescribe something to help alleviate his allergies. I would have given the cat back before relying on a drug to relieve his allergies.

Brendan Luz

I believe that all physical ailments are a manifestation of a deeper (emotional) issue. I knew that there was a reason why he was suffering from cat allergies other than the conventional explanation. I first looked up the spiritual & metaphysical meaning of cat allergies and read that cats are associated with the feminine – the nurturing, receptive, and loving part of our nature. After reading this, I had the feeling that the allergy may be related to his mother’s death. His mother had passed away from breast cancer when he was 16 years old.

There are many layers to emotional trauma that are stored in our bodies. Some of these emotions are kept hidden in our subconscious mind, and there are others that we are consciously aware of, but we do not know the impact they may have on our health. Most of us have grown up not knowing how to listen to our bodies and look deeper within ourselves for the answers. It is hard for us to believe, understand, or even begin to process the fact that our ailments come from within ourselves.

We usually blame something external for causing the ailment when, in fact, the issue is reflecting something internal. In the case of allergies, we would normally blame the pollen, the animal, or even the food, but these things are triggers that give us clues that something internal is not flowing in harmony with our being.

I had recently trained in Soul Transformation Therapy (STT) at the Holistic Healing College, so I asked my husband if he would try a session to see what we could find out and to heal or alleviate his allergies potentially. STT uses a Soul Plan Archetype Tarot Deck that first looks at the polarity that governs the issue and then determines the separation pattern that needs healing. Once the pattern is identified, one or more recommended energy healing interventions are applied to help clear whatever is needed at that time.

My husband pulled a series of cards that indicated unresolved grief. What I had intuitively understood was then revealed in the cards he chose through this healing system. I went ahead with two recommended healing interventions: Soul Retrieval and Soul Plan Trauma Release, which I broadly explain below:

Soul Retrieval

When we suffer from trauma, we can lose an aspect of ourselves in that situation/event. Our soul can fragment, meaning that an aspect of ourselves (in energy form) is "left behind" or is “frozen” in time. The process of fragmentation can weaken our energetic field. When our energetic field is weakened, we are more susceptible to attracting unwanted ailments. When a person is guided on a soul retrieval, they recover their "fragmented" aspect. They heal by observing and integrating it. The process helps a person’s energetic field become more whole and stronger.

Soul Plan Trauma Release

Some energies can get stuck within our auric field, blocking our creative, energetic flow. These energies could be thought-forms, such as limiting beliefs, negative cultural patterning, imprints, or anything that limits our fullest expression of ourselves. Our inquisitive nature and movement can be stifled and therefore may not be flowing in unison with our essence.

With soul plan trauma release, the practitioner can sense where the energy is "stuck" in the body and go through the motions of shifting and releasing it to allow a healthier flow of energy around the body. When complete, a person can feel stronger and more empowered.

The Process of Integration

The session revealed interesting personal insights to my husband; however, I will share that he tends to have clear inner vision when guided in a visual meditation. A lot was revealed through symbolism and his mother, whose image he could clearly see in his mind's eye. I believe the gift of clear sight on this occasion was a very powerful healing element of the session.

My husband had agreed to the session with skepticism, which I understand entirely. He had rolled his eyes a few times with a smile, but he was willing and happy to give it a try. After the session finished, we waited.

The following day, within 24 hours, his cat allergies disappeared. At soul-level, he was ready to heal and integrate this aspect of himself, a layer of grief that had not yet resolved, that was manifesting physically as a cat allergy and impacting other areas of his life.

While this experience helped my husband heal and strengthen his immune system, it was also a significant milestone for me as a recently qualified practitioner. I can be overly critical of myself, which can lead to self-doubt. The session was a turning point for my husband in understanding, at a deeper level, the significance of energy healing.

We are very grateful that Brendan (Luz) came into our lives to shine a light on our aspects that needed healing.

Post Notes:

* The experience (process) of healing, whether through energy healing or conventional medicine, is unique to everyone despite the similarities in conditions/diseases.

Brendan Luz burial in our garden on June 6, 2021

* Sadly, Brendan passed away three years later, on June 6, 2021 (the date we found him on the side of the road), nearly the exact date he arrived at our home (June 4, 2018). However, he passed away two days after my husband's father passed away (June 4, 2021). He held space for us in ways we may never fully understand. I do not believe in coincidences. I believe Brendan was undoubtedly on a mission and a specific one. Thank you, Brendan. We love you and miss you.

Brendan Luz

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