Birthing Creations

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

We are all similar creations, yet unique in our expression continuously birthing new creations into existence. The process is without beginning or end symbolizing the self-reflecting eternal spirit. We are all awakening the space in-between to re-member that we are all connected as the same source. We are an interconnected flow of energy.


The inspiration for this drawing arrived on the new moon of April 5, 2019 while in mediation.

The theme of this drawing is focus because that is the state we are in while in the process of birthing our new creations into this world. We find focus when we are balanced and when we honor the space for our creations to arrive; through self-care and setting healthy boundaries.

When a woman is in the process of birthing her child into this world she is focused – she goes within and connects with her inner world – where she listens and remembers the guidance. However, when that flow is interrupted by external forces it can be quite unsettling. I remember clearly how disruptive it was when someone would come in (I was in the hospital when I gave birth to my children) and interrupted the flow of energy that I was ‘bathing in’ during the birthing process.

It is a similar feeling when I am in the process of birthing a new drawing or writing a new story. I go within and connect. I create the sacred space around me to honor what is coming forward. The amount of energy that is flowing through me in that moment is one that is difficult to describe but one that can only be experienced.

After I give birth, it is time to rest. I sleep. My whole being is recovering from what has just come forth through my vessel. When we are birthing in (to this world) a new creation; whether that is a child, a project, or a new age for humanity, we must be patient, surrender to the process, and allow the space for it to arrive.

What are you birthing into this world?

How are you honoring the space for it to arrive?

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