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The gift of awakening, remembering, and healing is humanity’s birthright. We are all healers and intuitive beings with the ability to heal ourselves. I approach every session from this perspective while I help facilitate the process.


Soul Connection Healing


Soul Message

Infinite worlds and infinite vibrations. Anything in thought can appear on some level. Yet all that is perceived is only a part of that which perceives.


Commmission your very own healing art

Intuitive ~ Visionary ~ Multidimensional


About Art Healing

Intuitive ~ Visionary ~Multidimensional

The paintings are an expression of healing through symbology and mysticism. The images are captured by the intuitive eye and portray a wider vision of awareness that transcends physical and linear reality.

The images bring forward frequencies and healing energy from many dimensional spaces. They are channeled through art to communicate information that is read and felt by the soul. The purpose is to help others heal and strengthen their connection with their higher Self.

The images are inner healing tools that can be used in meditation, for self-reflection, and inspiration. The original paintings will communicate a message that may invoke an impression, a feeling, an emotion, or an action that is unique for everyone. 

To commission an original piece  get in touch or to buy prints please go to shop.

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