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Virtual Exhibition Film, Inspiration From Isolation, Art Competition 2020

20 Dec 2019

by The College of Psychic Studies

My painting Integrity was shortlisted in the College of Psychic Studies Art Competition Inspiration From Isolation in 2020. Follow the link to view the Exhibition Film on YouTube.

While in deep meditation on May 17, 2020, I asked internally about clearing the deepest layer of fear from being seen. A wishbone appeared in my mind's eye, and it started to curve out, around, and up to form the "face," with the eyes peering from behind. I noticed as I was painting that these eyes had no eyelids; they were all-seeing yet silent.
This fear of being seen comes from an ancient (collective) wound related to separation. This fear can stop us from speaking our truth and interacting in the world from a place of integrity and authenticity.
The wound of separation can trigger emotions of self-worth that fall in the polarity of The Slavery Mastery Complex. On one extreme, we see it as giving away our power and exerting control. The wound of separation goes back to the start of creation, to the start of this physical universe, to the start of your birth. It is all the same.
The corresponding physical healing component of this image is the throat. The emotional healing component is self-worth. The image arrived at a time when I was healing deep wounds within myself and my ancestral lineage; however, I saw a direct correlation in the collective wounds around our throat where we access our lungs and ability to speak. If this is blocked, we can't breathe, we can't speak, and we can't nourish ourselves.
How curious that there was a virus apparently affecting the lungs (grief/loss), riots were unfolding due to a death related to the throat (suffocation), and extreme censorship happening worldwide. All of this happened while the Earth took her first deep breath and rested for the first time in a long time.

To learn more about this painting and its context, follow the link to my article, Inner Integrity.

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