The Alignment

This image helps with being fully present and grounded. The physical healing is related to the legs.

Light of Awareness

The physical healing is related to the central nervous system. This is about our essence and connecting with our true state of being.

Maria’s Eyes of Love

Accessing soul wisdom that reminds us to keep coming back to our heart space; where the connnection through the heart only knows truth.

The Eyes of Love

It is through the eyes of love that we see beyond the illusion. Art captures what it feels like to open up a spiritual life without fear.

True Compassion

A healing symbol that helps build strong foundations for intuition to flourish and to deepen the connection with your inner compass.

When We Breathe

Capturing the breath as we integrate, release, and balance our upper and lower realms; while also merging the feminine and masculine within.

The Merging

We enter the transformation stage, while directly connected to our soul star, as we get ready to release what encases us to be rebirthed.

Embracing All Parts of You

This symbol is about integrating the aspects (or parts) of you that were not allowed to be embraced – the shadow and light aspects.

Strength and Balance

Healing the central support system. The energy runs from the root chakra up our spine as the light from our heart space shines like the sun.

Surrender To All That Is

Four healing symbols applied in and around the head while meditating help clear and balance our inner and outer communication system.

Birthing Creations

We find focus when we are balanced and when we honor the space for our creations to arrive; through self-care and setting healthy boundaries